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First Snowman

We got some good snowman snow yesterday, but since the side walks weren't plowed yet we went sledding instead.

This afternoon we got dressed up again in our snow clothes and built a snow man.

I think he turned out quite well.  We were just waiting for that magic top hat.

Santa 2012

We went to visit Santa today.  Chloe has been looking forward to this for a couple weeks.  We got there before the crowds so the wait was not too long and she got to spend a little extra time with the jolly old man.  She still almost forgot to ask him one question so she had to run back.  What was so important you might ask?  Well she got to him and asked "Are you magical?"  to which Santa replied "Yes, I am"
I also got a picture with my camera, she was fascinated with his book.  I love that she had enough time to enjoy the experience.
What a big difference a year makes?  Where did that baby go?