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Wednesday Night Movie

I have been wanting to see the Golden Compass before it is out of the theater so I was feeling pretty good after work so Jim and I decided to go to the Movies. On the way there I was thinking well this is something that we are able to do since we don’t have kids yet. We can go to a movie on a Wednesday night. Boy was I wrong, apparently Wednesday is take your kids the movie night. It was an early show and a kid’s movie but I was a bit surprised. I was not at all bothered by them I found a lot of the comments rather cute. I guess you know you are ready to be a parent when the constant chatter of a Three year old during a movie enhances the experience. I especially liked when she turned to her dad and said “but there are not really talking bears, Dad” like she was reassuring him or when she opened the door for us on the way out proclaiming her great strength.
The movie was great and we should definitely do that more often. It was fun.

Finally a Slow Weekend

Friday, we went out to celebrate 9 months being logged in with CCAA at PF Changs. We love PF Changs but we had the worst service in the world. It was almost funny if we weren’t so starving. We weren’t the only ones getting poor service. The table next to us we served their appetizer with out any utensils and there was a server going around to every table asking if they ordered pot stickers since he did not know where they were supposed to be. We even forgot to use our gift card, we were so frustrated by the end of the meal. We will go back but it will be awhile, they need to get their act together first.
Saturday, we did not leave the house except to take the dogs for a walk in the snow. It was cold but nice. It snowed all weekend so we stayed inside and took it really easy. We put together a video cabinet we bought and I sewed a little. Sunday, we went to get lunch and I helped my Mom with her new laptop, then Jim bottled his beer. He added extra sugar to his mix and figures it will…

Nine Months!!

Nine months, wow! I really don’t know what to say. Shouldn’t I be in labor by now? As it is, I think I am still in the 1st trimester? I guess, we just continue to take it one month at a time. I am filled with mixed emotions at this mark, I am happy we made it nine months and I am sad that we don’t know where this tunnel is going to come out. Last year at this time I was gathering paperwork and waiting anxiously for my Birthday, this year I am just waiting. I know in my heart that our Little Miss will eventually get here, it is just hard to not know when. I hope that this year brings many wonderful surprises and it goes as fast as the last nine months. The last couple months our LIDiversary has just kind of come and gone without event, mostly due to the holidays, so I think tonight we will make the drive to PF Changs and celebrate with some good food. Besides the 9 month mark is big in the baby world, right?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Diet Pepsi Karma

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but due to computer issues I am posting it today. So all of this happened yesterday. :0)
I think the Gods may have been angered. Yesterday I did not drink any Diet Pepsi, really. I don’t have a fever I just decided to have water with lunch I thought it might be healthier. I fear I may have made a grave mistake by not assuring the Pepsi God that I have not abandoned him, it was just one day. It all started last night when I woke up with a sore throat. I thought I must be getting a cold and took some Tylenol and went back to bed. Then when I woke up I was extremely grumpy this morning. I know what you are thinking I am always grumpy in the morning and although this is somewhat true, I am not a morning person, it was an extreme case of B!*@#iness. Just ask Jim. I took my shower and when I got out I noticed my fingers itching, apparently some sort of insect decided to nibble on my fingers in the night. They are little tiny painful and itchy bumps; o…

What a weekend!

Wow were we busy this weekend. I hope next weekend is a little more relaxing. Here are the details of the events. Saturday morning we woke up early and watched a movie that we rented the night before but were too tired to watch. (Wild Hogs is hilarious by the way). Then we headed out to my favorite store (Target) to get something to wrap David’s shower gift in. We found that relatively easily but I also found this cute ladybug CD holder, needless to say I could not resist. Then it was off to the shower which was in the Tri-cities about a 1 ½ hour drive. The shower was great. The baby is getting so cute it is amazing how much they change in 2 weeks.
Then after the shower Jim and I went to the mall, I wanted to get some stuff at Bath and Body Works since we don’t have one locally. After we got the needed bubble bath and some good smelling hand soap we went to Barnes and Nobles but, before we arrived, the Gymboree Store sucked me in. Although I love it I don’t think I should be allowed…

Toby and the Bug

I think I forgot to post about last month’s secret pal gift on my blog (I posted to secret pal blog). The reason that I mention it now is that among many wonderful things for Little Miss my secret pal also included some treats for the furry kids. One of them was a Ladybug dog toy, this just happened to be the same toy that I got for him a while back and he liked it so much I was thinking of getting him another one. Apparently, the one that my SP sent is much more special as he will not let it out of site. It is so funny because he has not destroyed it yet and usually squeakers are gone within minutes of opening a new toy. After several weeks it is still intact with only a few small holes. He is so smart, when I say stop squeaking he stops, if we try to hide it, he can find it anywhere. Even in another room with the door shut, he will sit at the door until we open it. When I got home from work the other day he tried to bark with the bug in his mouth it was the one of the funniest thing…

Mr. Beer and Ice

Jim got what he refers to as the best Christmas present ever from his parents this year. As you may have guessed from the title it was a Mr. Beer home brewing kit, lucky me! So he finally got to it yesterday and now we have this “lovely” keg type thing on our kitchen counter. In just 14 short days we will be enjoying a lovely homemade brew. Although I joke I would much rather have him use this kit than try it on his own, like he did when he was still living at home. What ever he was making only made it to the fermenting stage when his mother got a whiff and quickly disposed of the concoction. So I will let you know how it turns out, but somehow I don’t think we will be opening a pub anytime soon.
As for the ice, that is what I found on our front porch this morning. It was the definition of black ice. The step just looked damp until I stepped on it and found my self flying up into the air and very quickly back down onto my back side. I smacked my arm pretty good and immediately got a h…

Little Miss's Haul

Little Miss’s library and closet was increased by our time in town yesterday. We went into town with completely different goals (most of which were accomplished.) First, it was a Fred Meyer stop where among many other things I found an adorable fleece jacket on clearance, of course I could not resist. Then, Jim’s parents were in town so they called and asked if we would meet them for lunch. After lunch, Jim and his Dad went over to Borders and his Mom and I went to TJ Max. I left there without buying any baby clothes, it was amazing. Then at borders they had soft cover books buy one get one half off, so I found 4 that I could not live without ;0).

Last night I worked on some more blankets. I sure hope they actually sell when I figure out how to do it, otherwise I will have baby gifts for the rest of my life. I am getting closer to trying to sell them. I want to get a few more done and maybe a few matching bibs. I was doing the over the head type bib, but was having trouble knitting …

Spinach Salad Yum Yum!

Ok, a while back I mentioned going on a diet, it did not work out too well, so I am trying it again. I really want to lose weight and eat better but there is this whole thing about feeling full. I had a huge spinach salad for lunch with poppy seed dressing and it was delicious however after about 10 minutes I was ready to eat again. I ended up filling my empty feeling tummy with Diet Pepsi, which I am sure is not good for me (filled with chemicals) but it doesn’t have calories and it tastes good. I must stick with, it but the first couple weeks are the hardest. Tomorrow it will be lean cusine and more diet Pepsi, can't wait.

I have been working on some blankets. Jim’s parents gave me a gift card to Joann’s (my favorite fabric store) and I got myself a giant vinyl (I think) cutting board, I have been wanting one for a while but they are a little spendy. I also got a pad to put on the table to iron on (since my ironing board sucks) and some thread that I needed. I went over my card a…

Happy Birthday David!

Welcome to the world little guy (or not so little at 9 lbs 4 oz.) In the very early morning hours he decided to surprise his parents with a quick arrival. We made our first visit as the proud Aunt and Uncle this afternoon. We are still not sure he has eyes but Carrie and Scott informed us that they are there, I guess we will see them soon enough. He also surprised us with a dark head of hair unlike his sister and brother. We look forward to getting to know little David.

Pizza Night!

I have been holding on to this post for a while. (The computer was acting up when it happened) A few weeks ago, on a Friday, I asked Jim to get us a pizza at Papa Murphy’s on the way home. I got home, really looking forward to that pepperoni or Hawaiian, but when I walked in the door Jim said, really seriously, “You’re going to be mad at me” I said “why?” thinking something really bad was coming, he got a speeding ticket, lost his job or something even worse. Then he said something that I never expected, he said “I accidentally bought a stuffed pizza.” What? I was not prepared for this statement. Now keep in mind I do not really like stuffed pizza’s just because they are hard to bake in our oven and they seem to either burn or stay doughy but other than that I am OK with them. I had to ask “how did you accidentally buy a stuffed pizza?” and this was Jim’s explanation “well, I was going to order a Cowboy but then when I got to the counter I could not remember that, and I looked at the…

Positively a New Year.

Well 2008 is here! I hope that it is good. I am not one to make resolutions but I am going to try and stay positive more than not this year. It may be hard considering that the CCAA just sent out referrals and they only went to December 19, 2005. That is only five days but it has been worse. I think that is just what we need to expect this year and then if it improves then it will be a pleasant surprise. How is that for positive? Is it working yet? Some how we will be parents before we are too old to adopt a second time but I am not sure how we are going to accomplish this. People tell me “don’t give up, it is worth it” but I have to think that when we were trying to get pregnant we were told the same thing and look where that got us. So in the spirit of being positive I am tired of waiting and I may have to find a way to make it happen sooner. I am not sure how I am going to do that but I will find a way.

As I may have mentioned Jim has been subbing long term in an 8th grade social st…