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Just Some Chloe-ness

I woke her up from her nap today and I was told "but I'm still tired" and then she promptly fell back asleep in my chair. 
She has been making "nests" in the front room lately, she has a few friends :) 
We went to the park Saturday for a little photo shoot, I can't believe how grown up this girl is getting.  How is it that she will be 3 in just a month?  Where does the time go?

We have had some serious ups and downs on the sleeping front.  We went through several really good nights where although she came into our bed about half way through the night she went to bed really easy.  That is a major win in my book.  But then last night we have fit after fit and I don't think anyone in the house got much sleep.  I hope tonight is back sleeping at least 1/2 the night in her own bed.
I got my camera back this week too so I might actually get a few more pictures that I have taken up on the blog.  I have got to say Cannon's repair department was far better …

Not in The Blogging Mood

I just can't seem to bring myself to blog lately.  This summer has not really turned out the way we thought.  There have been great times don't get me wrong but there has been a lot of unexpected things come up.  I think the first was hand foot and mouth disease, Chloe got sick first and it was the sickest I have ever seen her.  She was down for about a week and then Jim got it, I missed that one.

A couple weeks later Chloe had to stay with a different babysitter because my mom and dad went on vacation and that did not go well.  Chloe hated it there and everyday I noticed something that I didn't like.  So after 3 days we pulled her out and made other arrangements.  Thank goodness for friends and family who stepped in and helped us out!

Next was a few weeks ago, I had the worst bloody nose that I have ever seen.  I woke up with blood running down my throat and by that time it was out of control.  I was a bit scared and maybe a bit panicy at all th…