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I needed a Chocolate fix, so Chloe and I decided that brownies for dessert was the best way. So glad our personal photographer was able to document our adventure.

Just One Question

Bangs or

No Bangs?

Chloe's bangs are at the point where they need to be cut but I haven't got there yet.  So I have been pulling them back and I kind of like it.  But she is so cute with bangs too!  I just can't decide. I have always had bangs will her hair be able to stay out of her eye's if she can't tuck behind her ears or will I always have to pull it back?  Help. 

We had a great time playing at the park this afternoon, I am so happy it is finally getting warmer and the staying light longer, I am ready for Spring!

Things to Remember

Conversations with Chloe are starting to get really engaging. The girl has a vocabulary that I think is impressive for 3 and she is very skilled at negotiations.
In the morning Chloe usually asks if she can watch a video on my Kindle Fire. The deal is that is if she goes to bed with out a problem (no crying and staying in her bed) in the morning she can watch the Kindle if we have time. We don’t make it an issue at bed time if it's a rough night , it's a rough night. I don’t say things like remember you can’t cry or you won’t get to watch the Kindle because I feel there are some nights where crying is just going to happen and she doesn't need the extra pressure. However in the morning after a rough night if she asks I usually say remember that you cried a lot last night and had a hard time going to bed so I think that it is not a Kindle Day. This morning this is how the conversation went:
I walk in my bedroom and see her getting the Kindle: Me: Chloe, I d…