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Clock, Duck, Ball

As I reflect on the past 12 months I realize that there are so many memories that have been created this year. The memories are happy, sad, funny, interesting, weird, wonderful and more. But what do I think of when I think about my memories from this year, clock, duck, ball.

Some of you may remember that Jim and I had to go through a Psych evaluation earlier this year as a part of our documentation to adopt from Burundi. He interviewed us and gave us a test to make sure we were fit to be parents. I was extremely nervous because I felt that everything hinged on this evaluation but now that I have perspective it was not that big of a deal (except to our pocketbooks). Anyway one of the tests he gave us was 3 words and we were supposed to remember them. The three words were clock, duck, ball. So I remember these words for the length of time that I thought was required and then the interview proceeded. I was not expecting the “Now, what were those three words I asked you to remember?” My an…

Blog Readability

Diana over at Diana Rambles led me to a blog readability site. You put in your URL and find out what readability level your blog is. Mine is Genius, now I think that means it takes a genius to read my blog and that makes perfect sense because all of my readers are beyond brilliant! Check it out it was kinda fun.

Movie Reviews

Today, Jim and I went grocery shopping and then came home and took down the tree and put away most of the ornaments. Above are the ornaments from the tree, I love them all and I was having fun taking pictures of them. We need to rearrange the living room so I have more room to play work out with my Wii Fit. I am probably going to get in trouble for not working out today, you know from the virtual trainer, but all the cleaning up and walking around Wal-Mart, Top Foods and Costco is surely a work out.

Hope everyone had a great Sunday. I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow these last 5 days have gone too fast. I might decide to take an extra day off …

FFFF - Presents

I can never seem to do these on Friday but at least I get them up before the next Friday.

This weeks theme is presents and boy, do I have a lot to post about regarding presents. Firstly i was spoiled this year. Jim for me a Wii Fit, a new quilt for my bed and best of all a monster from Curly Q Cuties. You have to get one! I am going to have to get more they are too cute and so soft and huggable. I am really impressed and I think that BB and LM will end up with a monster each (because this one is mine, he he he). We went to Jim's Family on Christmas Eve and all the great gifts was a scentsy pot and it was the asian one. I was so happy that it was not the Cherry Blossom one because I already have that one, I love them both. Such a great way to get your house smelling pretty which with 2 dogs we need it all the time once in a while.

Then the Day after Christmas we had Christmas with my family. It was a lot of fun. I got a great purse, a crock pot (a big one), molly knitted me a great s…

Merry Christmas on our 20 month LID

Merry Christmas to all! We are having a great weekend spending time with family and relaxing. I hope every one else is enjoying the holiday as well. Pictures of our time will follow but for now I am just taking a short break.

It is also our 20 month LID-iversary in China. During this time of year it is easy to think about how much we miss the children that we don't even know yet but it is also a time of hope. My hope for next year is that we get the chance to know at least one of those children. Next week is a new year and a new hope, I am truly looking forward to what is to come in our lives.

Happy Holidays to all!

Happy Birthday Emily and Molly!

Happy Birthday girls! I love you guys. It is amazing how your friendship has grown over the years. It went from "Yucky" in the beginning to tolerant when you were toddlers to annoying when I was a teen to Wonderful sisters and Friends. I think this might be the first time that we have not all be together on this day but we will have our time on Friday and I can't wait.

Hope you are OK with the pictures if not I have 2 days to live. I'll send a prize to anyone who can tell them apart in the first picture.

Early Christmas gift for Little Miss

Kim sent Little Miss this adorable shirt and you all know Kim the outfit would not be complete with out matching clippies . I can't wait to see LM wearing them. The last one is a the cutest Halloweenclippie that she had been saving for me. Thank you so much.

I am so happy I don't have to go to work for the next 5 days. Bring on the holiday cheer!

Famous Granny

You may now know me as the Granddaughter of the Famous Bloggin' Granny. My Grandma was recognised in the local paper today. You must check out the story here and her blog here, they even quoted me. She is a pretty amazing grandma, she had a computer before I did and her having a blog just seems natural for her. I am happy that others are enjoying her blog as much as we do. Keep on blogging Granny and we will keep on reading.

FFFF- Pets

This weeks theme for Foto Friday is pets. I have always had pets and I would love to share pictures of all those pets and some time I will but for now I thought I would share pictures of our current "kids" Enjoy the pictures.
Sully - cat napping

Gypsy - looking sweet

Toby - with his I'm sorry look (I don't remember what if anything he did)

Still Snowing

Well it has been snowing for the last 24 hrs. Not huge amounts in our area but a constant dusting from the sky and it is cold, I am mean like lose your fingers if you forget your gloves cold. Ok no one has lost their fingers yet, that I know of, but hey it could be a possibility. I think the high today was in the low 20s and tonight we are expecting more single digit temperatures. I love the snow but I usually like it a little warmer than this at least at midday.
Sorry there is not much to talk about but the weather. I could talk about how I searched all over town for that gift that Jim said he wanted for Christmas and I realised that there are 1 of 2 things going on. Either the economic crisis that the news is talking about is non-existent or that the stores ordered a whole lot less because the shelves are empty and we still have a week until Christmas. I am glad that I headed out yesterday instead of waiting until this weekend.
Hopefully something more interesting will happen this w…

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Oh Baby, it is cold outside. Jim and I ventured out for a little while to get out of the house and do a bit of shopping but boy was it frigid. It is only 16 degrees out now, I think it might have gone all the way up to 20 about noon. We got our first snow yesterday and it was just a little it is trying to snow now but I think it is just freezing mid air, it is too cold to fall.Jim made some potato soup and we are just going to focus on staying warm all night. It is days like this that I wish we had a fireplace they are so cozy and much warmer than our electric heat. This is a picture of Toby last year but the scene is about the same today.

Hope you are having a great Sunday!

Party Time!

Well this week I will be able to enter the Foto Friday. The theme was party time and as it happens we have a nephew that turns 3 tomorrow. We went to a small family gathering to celebrate. It was alot of fun. Eli was super excited that it was his birthday. First he had a "Geocache" that Grandpa and Grandma set up. He was so excited to follow his "GBS" (gps). After lunch he got to open his gifts it was so sweet he was thanking everyone before he even had the package completely opened. After opening one gift and exclaiming "Oh Thank You!" his mom asked him what it was and he very excitedly said "I don't know!" and then when she asked who it was from in the same excited way and with eyes as big as saucers he said "I don't know!" It was just too sweet. Then when he found out what was in the package it was even more fun. Jim and I got him Hot Wheels, they were all rescue vehicles, and an outfit. They were a hit as all of his gifts w…

Blog Give Aways

I love the Blog give aways! This is one I hope to win! It is for this super cute clothing from Cocobonbons. Diana is sponsoring it at her Diana's Daily Ramblings blog. So head on over and enter to win. If you win you could always donate the clothing to LM or BB, I won't mind, :0).