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10 Things I Love

My good friend Kim at 4 Dragonflies and 1 Ladybug (private) has nominated me for an award.  The Sweet Friend Award and with the award I must list 10 things I love. Only 10!  Ok I can do it.  I could list the big ones but you all know that I love my husband, my family, my pets, my friends and my kids (where ever they are) yadda yadda yadda but here are some things about me you may or may not know about me.

In no particular order:
Blue - Absolutely and always gonna be my favorite.  Maybe it is my pink rebellion as a little girl, maybe because it is the color of the sky, my eyes or the ocean I really don't know why.  I just love the color blue.Chocolate - It might be an addiction.  I admit it but I am not gonna go the rehab, no no no.  OK that goes on the HATE list, Amy Winehouse makes me cringe but I could not help it.  I just really love chocolate.  Just a little bit makes me happy and that is enough reason for me.  Winter - Yep, I know so many of you think I am crazy but I do love …

The Randomness That is Today

It has been kind of a windy yucky day.  I am just feeling kind of down and I want to crawl back into bed.  I really want some good adoption news or some pictures.  The highlight of my week so far: having a cavity filled.  Tonight I think I will bind some coloring books although sales have kind of slowed.  I was looking for a picture to post and found this one.
She just makes me smile. 
Saturday we are headed to Tacoma for Laura's (my cousins) wedding.  It should be fun.  We might even get to visit a marine fish store.  Don't think we can buy anything yet but a clean up crew for our clown fish tank.   They are on their third set of eggs but we do not have the right conditions for the babies to survive.  They need names.  Anyone got some good ideas?  This one is the daddy clown fish.

Just a Quick Update

The letter we had been waiting for is finally in Burundi! We are hoping for a quick approval and no more requests.  Then we believe the next step to be court, in which we will have to appear that means going to Burundi.  I am not getting excited yet we have been here before and hit some serious road blocks.  It seems that things are moving forward but we are still waiting for more information about Kwizera from the new assistant that started last week.  I know I have said this before but this is the most frustrating thing we have ever done.  One day at a time!

3 years

So for those that might not know today is the day we have been logged in to China for 3 years!  OMG!  Yes really 3 years waiting for our China adoption.  Progress is happening but it is so slow we do not expect a referral any time soon (the next few years).  I wrote this really sentimental post about what the last 3 years have meant to  me but I just can't hit publish.  I'm just not feeling it today.  It has been a good weekend and a good day and I am not going to dwell on the long wait today, tomorrow you never know I might get to feeling sappy again.  
So yesterday and today we worked in the yard.  It felt so good even though I had to take 2 benadryl's before bed last night and tonight my face is a little, ok, a lot redder than usual. The house...well it suffered a bit, inside, but I will catch up with that later.  There is just something therapeutic about getting dirt under your nails and planting pretty things.  I did help the neighbor girl plant some flowers in a bigge…

The Tour Dum Da Dum Dum...

As you may, or may not know, Jim and I went on a tour of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation this week.  Jim had gone on a similar tour a few years ago and really enjoyed it, so he thought I would too.  I really think that he thought he would enjoy it again and I was just an excuse to go again.  Being the wonderful wife that I am, I agreed to go.  I actually thought it might be interesting, that was my first mistake. 

So, Jim got up at midnight one night in early March to reserve us seats, because, apparently, Hanford tours are like Elton John concerts and sell out in minutes.  They are free, so I guess, with the economy these days, free entertainment is snatched up fast.  Please note: you get what you pay for.  So he signs us up for the day before my Birthday, oh yippie, I could not wait.  The day before the tour comes, Jim has me watch a video so that I could be "prepared."  I was so thrilled, I popped popcorn and got my M&M's ready for the big show.  Ok, I didn't…


So today is the day that I cross over to being closer to 35 than 30... ugg. Birthday's have never really bothered me in the past but this year is different.  I was the happiest person ever to turn 30 because it meant our dossier could be logged in China and we could begin the wait for our daughter, little did I know that 3 years later we would still be several years away.  I wonder what that birthday would have been like if I had only known what the next 3 years were going to bring.  I know my life revolves around becoming a parent and I have tried not to dwell on it and find other things but I always come back to that.  Last year I really thought that I would be holding my child on this birthday and I have no idea when or if that is ever going to happen.

There is a cross road in the near future of this No Ordinary Family and we have to decide which direction to take and it scares the crap out of me.  I fear making the wrong choice, more than I fear spiders.  Ask any one of my fam…

making the cut

I was gonna try and edit it but I didn't. Enjoy and don't forget tons of still pictures below.


I was able to get the pictures up on Facebook right away but I have been a slow blogger.  I was having issues uploading the photos yesterday and I was tired from working in the yard so I just gave up until this morning.  I also got back pretty late Saturday night, we went shopping after the haircut.  Let me tell you shopping with a 2 month old has additional challenges I did not anticipate.  Aunt Cora was feeling it yesterday in her biceps but it was so worth it even a little fussy I believe I have the sweetest 2 month old niece ever.

I know you are all here for the pictures so here they are.  Enjoy the making of the New Cora!
Before at Emily's house Three sisters before the cutting wow look at all that hair!  We have a video of the actual cutting I will try and get it posted later tonight. No going back now. Leah was more interested in eating than watching Aunt Cora's haircut
Trimming it up I think I see some curls... Now for some style Emily and Molly think it is turning out good.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow...

Well actually later today.  This is just one of the before pictures.  I am finally getting my hair cut.  Check back later tonight for the after pictures and cross your fingers that it turns out good.  It has been 8 years since I have had more than just a trim and I am nervous but excited!

Wordless Wednesday - $6


Pretty Much Just CREEPY

Y’all know the song Our House right(well that might not be the name and YES I could have googled in the time it took to write this but I didn’t OK?)  Ya’know, ya’do.  OK.  So sing it with me, now,
Our house is a very very very fine house. With one cat in the yard Life used to be so hard Now everything is not easy cause of ghosts They turn on all sorts of weird shit. In the middle of the night They really give us a fright, I wish that they would haunt somebody else. Because our house should not have a frackin ghost, It was built in 1999 Nothing else could be so fine Now no one has died here, so GO AWAY!!!
Ok so maybe it is not a top 40 or a top 400 but I don’t know what is going on.  First we have lived here since this place was built so I know we have no crazy spirits or anything, but all of a sudden a few of our electric appliances have been going haywire.  First was the electronic/digital frame we have above our TV.  It started coming on by itself (in the middle of the night, creepy shit doe…

Wii-diculous Fun

Yesterday Jim and I had his family over as kinda of a little celebration on our Birthdays.  Jim's is in late March and mine is supposed to be a couple of weeks.  I have decided to skip it this year although this is the first I have told anyone about that.  I think every childless girl in their 30's has the right to skip a few birthdays.  I mean come on this wait is just plain old and I don't want to be just plain old to go with it.  So stick it birthday I am skipping you I will gladly turn 33 next year.

However since I just decided that just this morning we had little party yesterday.  I made some black and white chili soup and we had chips and salsa and for desert ice cream cake, it was wonderful.  Then since I hate to plan party games, we played Wii.  It was a blast.  Of course Emma, Eli and David went right to Aiden's room.  They know where the fun is.  That is one advantage of having a kids room fully equipped and ready to go.  Emma found the books I think every t…