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Great Grandma Time


Sunday Snapshot: Pool Fun

Jim and I went on search for a kiddie pool today.  We wanted one that was ridged so that if the dogs got in it it would not get leaks.   We finally found one, can you believe that they are already on clearance and sold out at most places it is not even July yet.  We lathered on the sunscreen after lunch and headed outside.
Our next investment is in a sand box.  I never thought I would be buying a sand box but she loves to dig. My only debate is a box or a table, I want her to be able to use it for a few years.  But until then we will have plenty of swimming Chloe pictures.
Filling the pool
The slide in the pool was fun!  This girl is fearless.
And of course the afternoon included pool side reading.

Soon the straps began to bother our little princess.  I will teach her about modesty later :)
The slide got moved to the sprinkler which was just as fun!
But this is when mommy knew it was nap time.
Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend!

Friday Night Life

She was a bit excited to see Daddy!
  Dinner consisted of a "side" dish of mac & cheese Chloe was offended that I called it a "side" dish and made it a main meal.  Then she noticed Daddy had the camera and the smiles became cheesier than the macaroni.

 This one is my favorite! Have as wonderful weekend everyone!

Happy Father's Day Jim

We went for a picnic in the mountains today.  It was windier than we would have liked but we had a great time. Jim got a few pictures and I am sure he will share those with you but I wanted to share a couple also.
We had a great time and have decided we need more day trips.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there and all those still waiting.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Dear Blog,

I have not abandoned you.  I know you may feel that way and I am so very very sorry.  Things have gotten really busy.  Work is crazy as I prepare to work for a new company and get ready for the cherry harvest.  The fan in my lap top has stopped working and so I have been trying to use it in short bursts to avoid over heating.  We plan to get that fixed soon and I hope that is the only thing that is wrong with it (finger crossed).  Summer has also found us busier at home than normal.  It is all good and we are all still here.  I hope to be back to blogging soon but if you only see a picture now and then don't worry.

Yesterday was our 5 month family day!  I can not believe the time that has gone by and the change in this beautiful little girl.  She is all toddler now, tantrum throwing included.  She has more words than I can count and although they are not all clear when combined with sign language we know exactly what she is talking about most of the time.  She LOVES Blues Clues, …

The Little Helper



Jim and I decided to get out of the house today and we took Chloe along I hear it is frowned upon leaving toddlers home with the puppies :).   One of the things we ended up doing was visiting for a while with Jim's sister and family.  Chloe LOVED running with her cousins.

 This surprised us a little but not much, we know she is fearless.  She wandered in to the path of the sprinkler, waited for it and let it drench her.

 Then turned and smiled I am pretty sure she would have done it again over and over if we would have let it.

 Then the cousins had us running to the next adventure.

It was a great afternoon!