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Simple and Alone

Two words that seem to discribe what I want and how I feel and this picture says it all.  Jim took this photo on our trip and I am sure it would have been much better (according to him) if it was taken with a D90 but I love it the way it is.  Adoption woes have me down right now so I may not post much for a bit.  I have a few more beach stories I want to post and maybe a give away but I am just not in the right mood.  I know so many people have the perfect solution but I have looked into other options and I just see doors being closed not opened.  I know other people have real problems so I feel really selfish letting this get to me but I can't seem to help it.  Hopefully this will pass quickly. 
Take care,

RUBY Beach!!!

This is my favorite beach in the world, Ok I have not been to many but it has got to be the most beautiful.  It is about 1/2 way up the Washington coast line.  I HEART this beach.  We didn't plan on visiting this beach but I am so glad that we did, I had forgotten how much I love it.

The dogs enjoyed it too.  Toby thought he was a mountain goat and Gypsy loved the deep pools to swim in.
The tide pool life is truly amazing! 
I just love this beach I have a bunch of Flip video I need to down load so I hope to share some sounds of the beach with you soon.   If you ever have a chance to visit you have to make your way down there at low tide and absorb the beauty.  It is a little hike in but if I can do it anyone can.

What Do You Do At The Beach Without Kids?

Well of course you fly 4 kites at a time.  Jim only had to chase the crayon kite twice.  Hey, that is something you can't do with a toddler running around, right?

But not everyone does this...

Toby actually didn't mind being buried in the sand too much for a second, he is such a good dog.  I should have taken video but Jim did not give me much warning that he was planning this.

Packed Up Ready to GO, Day 1 or Before We Smelled Like Smoke

The truck was packed to the MAX
I thought it was a good opportunity for a pic with Jim and the kids
Toby thought it was a good opportunity to give Jim a kiss.  The whole day before when we were packing Mr. Toby was sure we were going to forget him or something, he is such a wall flower.  He was in super turbo mode.  He is our ADHD dog but we Love him to death.  We love Gypsy too but her special needs are more physical than mental. Pre-Benadryl Toby.
Post-Benadryl, can you hear my sigh of relief?
What is that?
Yep, Mr. Ed like the breeze in his hair.  I have seen dogs do this but never a horse.  His head was even out further before I got the camera. First evening on the beach.  I think it was gale force winds so we did not stay long. 
Back at camp and a little warmer.
And finally the campsite, pre-blue tarp.  The tarp came out the next day since we had a spot of rain in the night and we did not really want to get complete soaked if it decided to rain again.

Teaser Post

Jim and I spent the last week enjoying the wonders of the Washington Coast.  We love it there but camping is a lot more exhausting than it used to be so I will just leave you with a couple pics until I can get some rest and some laundry started.  How come one week of camping yields 3 weeks worth of laundry?

Wordless Wednesday- walking in the wind


Win a Popsicle Maker

Jen at Whole Food Kids, 11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven, 365 Days of TV-Free Toddler Time, Mega-Family Blogs, and life in mexico {and other places} a picture a day, is giving away a Zoku 7-Minute Pop Maker!

And just in case you don't know any awesome Popsicle recipes, she's throwing in THIS book, too!

This entire package is worth over $60! To enter, go HERE.

Need to Run Away to the Beach

I need to be there, doing that! Expect very similar pictures this time and I don't even care if they look the same to you.  

Although I think I should invest in a rain coat just in case and after seeing these pictures I might pack a few extra towels for the dogs.

Less Than a Year

That is how many LIDs are between us and where China is right now.  That is not however our wait time, that is much much longer.  The way it looks we still have several more years ahead of us in line.  I have a feeling that we will not be waiting out this line.  If we are ever able to adopt in Burundi then I think we will have to re-examine our application to China.  Things could always change but in our world things rarely change to benefit us.  China only referred five LIDs this month and that is not the speed up we were hoping for.
We have no news about Burundi, we are just waiting.  We are going to take a break from all things adoption, as much as we can, when we go on vacation.  We are hoping that it will put everything in perspective and we can come home with refreshed eyes and minds to make the tough calls. 

Win a Beautiful Quilt & help a Family

Robin and her family are raising money to bring home her beautiful daughter from China.  Please stop over at Red Thread Stitches and check out the drawing for this beautiful hand made quilt.

Another Family that I have become very close to during the wait is the Wells Family.  They are just waiting on their TA (travel approval, the last document before traveling) so they can go pick up their daughter and sister in China.  Sweet Maire has captured my heart and I can not wait to see her in her parents arms.  They are short a little in the funds area and need some help.  She was hosting a raffle but had some paypal issues, you can still enter the raffle by leaving a comment but if you can please chip in.  What people don't always realize is that even $5 or $10 add up and help a lot. so check out Meeting Maire and if you can chip in a bit and help out.  
As for us, Color Me Home has been pretty quiet lately.  We are gearing up to have a booth at the Hop Festival this year.  I figure tha…

More Work!

So this is what we did this weekend in pictures because I am too lazy to type.

See don't let Jim fool you, I helped.

The yard is coming together the inside of the house is falling apart but that is another story. 
I decided today that we need a vacation and we are taking one!! Damn it!  So in the next couple of weeks we will be traveling to the hopefully not so rainy Washington coast.  Camping with the dogs!  I am tempted to go up near La Push (ya know Twilight) I have been there many times and they have AWESOME beaches but it is a little far to drive for less than a week.  Plus I don't think you can make reservations in the campground, so if we don't get a spot we have to stay in the overfill spots.  Basically it's a glorified parking lot.  So I think we will make Ocean Shores.  
Someday I would like to go to a warm beach you know the kind where people wear bathing suits not windbreakers and rain coats.  And drink something fruity with a little paper umbrella.  I have nev…