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Dolls, Coffee, and the Baby

Sunday, we went shopping and look what found its way into my cart. It is a super cute doll that Little Miss just had to have. I also found a cute white onesie on clearance that was irresistible.

I have got to keep the shopping limit to a minimum otherwise we may need to get a bigger house before long. I am enjoying myself and I am keeping everything in the packages and the tags on just in case we get a referral for a boy. We asked for a girl but stranger things have happened.

We met some friends at Borders this evening had some coffee and a nice visit. It was good to get out of the house for a while. Now Toby is acting like he has been completely abandoned he was sitting in the middle of Jim's book that he is trying to read and I cannot have the laptop on my lap because he will burrow under it. Crazy dog, he is so needy but that is why we love him.

4 Months

Today marks 4 months of waiting for Little Miss!! We went to Jim’s parent’s house to help with the yard sale they were having. We weren’t much help but we had a good time hanging out for a while. We left with all intentions of heading home to clean house but we got hungry and went into town for lunch. That lead to a discussion about recliners (don’t ask how, I have no idea) so we headed out to furniture stores “just to look.” We should never “just look” because it always turns into “just buying.” We ordered 2 Lazy Boy recliners. They should be here in 4-8 weeks. In our defense, we have been talking about getting recliners for a long time but I have avoided shopping for them because I know what happens when we “just look.” This is precisely why I will not let Jim take me to a car lot to “just test drive.”
On another subject I thought I would explain the name of the blog. Jim and I can’t decide on a name for Little Miss. So that is the question for the next couple of years, what’s her na…

The FIRST Post!!

OK here goes my adventure in to blogging. I will probably start out slow but in the long wait to Little Miss I am sure I will learn all the tricks of the trade by then.
Here is the background; Jim, my husband, and I are waiting to adopt our first child from China. We were logged in with the CCAA (China Center of Adoption Affairs) on 4/25/07 and we are in for a long wait. I would like to tell you when we expect to bring home our baby but I honestly have no idea. So here the roller coaster begins, hang on if you are up for the ride.