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The Coin-ectomy

Chloe who never puts any thing in her mouth swallowed a coin yesterday.  I bet that is what most parents  say when there child swallows a foreign object "but she does't put things in her mouth any more".  Well the coin got stuck in her throat and had to be removed.  Of course they didn't feel comfortable taking it out here so they sent us to Seattle Children's, in an ambulance.  7 hours after the attempted coining eating, we were in the Children's emergency room.  Although, I would have loved to be able to come home last night after her procedure I always love the care she gets at Children's.  
There was one ER doctor that REALLY needs lessons on how to talk to an adoptive parent but everyone else was absolutely wonderful!  I think I will call and complain about that one doctor though because as a doctor in a children's hospital she really should know better. I rode the ambulance with Chloe so we got there before Jim.  So the doctor introduced hersel…