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Pictures!!! I finally figured out how to add pictures to my Blog from Windows 8!.  I got a new laptop for my birthday and although I love that it I am no longer scared it is going to start fire, I have a ton more memory and it has a great backlit keyboard, I HATE Windows 8.  Seriously, I don't know how they could make things more difficult by trying to simplify them but congratulations Microsoft you have out done yourself.  I typically don't mind a little change and I think it takes a lot to frustrate me when it comes to technology but I'm seriously considering returning this just because of the operating system. Thanks to Gina, I was finally able to up load some pictures but last night I was ready to chuck the computer out a window. Enough complaining, I thought I would share a couple of my favorite pictures lately.   I don't notice it everyday but sometimes when I look at a picture I feel like I am getting a glimpse of what Chloe will look like in 5 years.  She is g…


I get told often that I need to be writing down the things that Chloe says and sometimes I do post them on Facebook but I thought maybe I would put a few of them here as well.  So here it goes---

I told Chloe the other day to stop growing up this was her response "I will only grow until I can drive, Ok Mommy, then I can stop"  The girl has goals.

I told her one Sunday night "I don't want to go to work tomorrow"  She told me " But Mommy you have to go to work.  You have to make the Moneys.  But not the Pennies, because I swallow those.  Only the silver ones, OK?"  I told her I would make sure to tell my boss not to pay me in pennies.

She is getting a new tube in her ear in a next week, the other one fell out and with that being her only good hearing ear she has not been hering things clearly lately.  Recently she has learned the song Row Row Row your Boat, But this is her lyrics:
Row down your boat
Gently down the street
Mary Mary Mary Mary
Life is bub…