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Weekends are too Short

Winnie the Pooh is one of Chloe's new best friends!  It used to be mine and Chloe found him in the closet and she has been in love ever since.  
Gap was having a sale and Chloe got some new pants and a sweatshirt.  I never imagined she would pair them with these Polliwalks that have been in her shoe drawer forever, I guess they fit now. She was so proud to find them and put them on herself.
She does not miss a beat on the Monkey Bars.  If I hold on too tight, I hear "No Mommy, I do it"

 It was cold but we still had some fun before took our frozen hands, feet and noses back home where it is warm.
Hope you all had a great weekend, and for you lucky bums that have tomorrow off I hope you have a great Presidents Day.

Happy Valentines Day!

We had a great time on Saturday making Valentines for her friends at Nana's.

Then Sunday morning we went for a walk in the park with Gypsy and Baby Dolly.

We were all dressed up and ready to go to our Chinese New Year make up dinner (the fist one was canceled because of a storm).  Chloe was not in a picture taking mood, but she looked so sweet in her silk dress.

Lemony Goodness!

Check out Jim's Blog he won a lemon (or 2) from Alyson, Ford and Alyzabeth.  Any great lemon bar recipes out there?  They smell amazing!

On another note, I think Chloe has had a break through with potty training.  I am a very relaxed potty trainer, it doesn't matter to me if she stays in diapers but we have had a potty chair since she started showing some interest a couple months ago. It is now being used for more than just a stool!  I am so proud of her for figuring it out for herself.