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February 29th 2008!!!

Leap day has never really fazed me much but as I think about it today, I feel we should celebrate. With the wait as long as it is becoming I really don’t know when Little Miss is going to be coming home. So I don’t really know how many Easters, Mother’s Days, Father’s Days, Thanksgivings and Christmas’ we are going to have with out her. I can say with relative certainty that this will be the last leap day we will have. So it is time to celebrate. We went out to dinner and spent way too much money on steak and shrimp and a couple of glasses of wine but it was good. We went to got icecream at the grocery store and that is going to be desert. Next leap day we will have our child and I hope it is more mac & cheese and sippy cups than steak and wine but for now I am going to enjoy the way it is as much as possible.
Have a good weekend everyone! It is warm here so I hope to get outside and work in the yard a little but it may rain so I might just stay inside with the windows open and get…

10 Big Months

I was so into catching up with posts yesterday I forgot to mention that it was our 10 month LIDiversary. Well we are now into the double digits. I hope that it goes quickly from here. Before you know it, it will be a year. I wish I was more poetic and I had a profound statement but it always seems to be the same. I can’t wait for Little Miss to come home and yet I have to wait. How long will it be? No one knows.

I googled ten babies images hoping to find a cute picture to use for this post and can you believe that these are the first two images that came up. I think it is a sign :0) (I love all the parents trying to hide behind the sofa)
I took out the first dress that I bought her last night, just because I love it so much. No matter how many cute things I get this will always be my favorite and when I see her in my mind she is always wearing this dress. I just think it is the perfect baby girl dress. It is really hard to wait to become a mother this way. But I feel like I have no cho…

My Oh My, So Much Time So Little to Say

Wait, strike that, reverse it. I have been away too long. So with the computer out, I have been away from Cyberland for a while. I have been checking in from work from time to time but I have been busy there as well. Well I’m sure since it has been so long since my last post many things are going to get overlooked, I would give you some examples but then I would not be overlooking them:0) I will focus on more recent events, in no particular order.
Not only did we get Jim’s Computer fixed but I got a new laptop!!!! I am so excited. Jim has wanted to get me one for a long time but we keep putting it off. It is not something that I really need but it is very cool!! Ok I am a little giddy. This way I can play my game, check my email, try out the digital scrapbooking that I have wanted to try, blog, and so much more, with out feeling like I am cutting into Jim’s time. Plus he can check the sub online site regularly and hopefully get more jobs. Another advantage also is that eventually we w…

Batteries and Cat Baths

You may remember my run in with smoke detectors ; well, I think they are still after me. I still swear it's a conspiracy. I got home and Jim was in town so I sat down and was watching the Cosby show episode of Oprah that Jim recorded for me and that is when I hear the beep that makes me want to…. well I better not say here. I went to the drawer and found a battery. Jim was due home any minute so I thought I would wait for him because I knew this time it was the one in the vaulted ceiling that is 100 foot high and completely unreachable with out a ladder from the fire department (ok I might be exaggerating a bit.) I knew it was this one because it was the only one we did not change earlier this year because of the whole fire dept. ladder thing. So Jim gets home and I tell him about it and ask him to go out to the shed and get the gigantic ladder. He says something like “I don’t need no stinkin’ ladder.” Ok…. apparently he thinks he is a monkey. He hops up on the counter, over the c…

Rabbit Food

While I sit here at lunch and sip my V8 (which smells slightly of rabbit pellets), I dream of a chocolate milkshake. Last week I really started logging my points on weight watchers and I did well until Sunday when I ate almost an entire bag of Doritos. I have not lost a pound. I really want to lose weight but I also want to eat something other than rabbit food.
I have been a bit discouraged lately. The adoption seems to be at a stand still and even though we are looking into other programs the progress seems to be very slow. Our agency is supposedly working on it but the trickle of information is not encouraging. I want to be more active in this process and I can’t. I want to be over the shoulder of the person writing the information and asking, why they took a 40 minute lunch or was that trip to the coffee pot necessary but instead I wait “patiently” and hope that soon we will know something.
The lap top went in for repairs today hopefully they can fix it. Jim also took the truck in fo…

Happy Chinese New Year

Nothing special happening here, Jim and I are probably going to celebrate with frozen eggrolls and pot stickers while watching Ni Hao Kai-Lan. I can’t believe that this is our second Chinese New Year since we started this process. I can’t believe that I honestly thought last year, that Little Miss would be born in the year of the pig and now it is the year of the rat. Will it ever happen?

Bye Bye Boom Boom

Last night Boomer met his new family. He was the last of the puppies to go and I think if it would have taken any longer he would have become a permanent member of the family. He will be missed but he went to a really nice family. They have 2 young kids to play with him and he is going to be well loved.

Jim wants a Wii. He played one the other day and had a blast. I want a new laptop first. I am hoping for that government refund to get a good laptop. Jim would spend it on a game and he does not even play the Xbox we have. His theory is that I could use it to get my 20 minutes of activity a day. Which is my goal but I have not been doing great. I think he is stretching a bit on the amount that we will actually use it. He is also using the writers strike to his advantage saying we may never have new shows ever again.

In the mean time while we argue about how to spend money we don’t really have. We are going to get an external hard drive and transfer all of the data on our desktop. Then ma…