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Nap Time

Why is it that I bust my butt during nap time?  Why can't I just relax like this?

I am trying to reorganize my sewing room. Our house is too small and moving is just not an option right now but I don't want to give up my sewing space.  I love to sew and recently I started looking at embroidery machines, not that I can afford one for several more years but it is nice to dream.

All Done!

The procedure on Chloe's eyes went well and very quick.  We love Dr. Taylor, he helped us when Jim had his detached retina and is a wonderful eye doctor.  It is so good to have a doctor that you feel comfortable with when you send your little one away in a nurse's arms.   Every one was so friendly and great with Chloe and of course she charmed them all.  The whole procedure was over in about an hour, including recovery. Chloe was not happy with it when she started waking up.  She was very sad and angry with the way she was feeling.  Once the IV was out we started to see our charming girl again.  She was very happy to say "Ga Guy" (Good Bye) to all the staff.  She even blew then kisses on the way out.  She seemed pretty sleepy on the way home but no nap.  When we got in the house she wanted to walk and play but she was a little off balance, it was a funny even Chloe was laughing at herself.  But now she is fine eating some toast in her high chair.  

We plan on taking it …

No More Tears...

that is the hope anyway.  Tomorrow Chloe is having a procedure to unplug her tear ducts.  Her tears do not drain normally and it is apparently very common. We don't think it has anything to do with her Microtia but you never know and really it doesn't matter.  It is a very simple procedure but she has to have anesthesia because she needs to hold very still.  I am a bit nervous about this part.  I know it will be fine but that does not stop me from worrying, I guess it's a mom thing.  Something that is very new and foreign to me. We go in very early, so thankful for that since she can not have anything to eat or drink after midnight and it should only take about 15 minutes.  

Jim and I are both taking the day off and plan to have a very relaxing weekend.  I think Easter was a bit too much excitement for our Little Miss.  I think if the weather is nice we will work outside a bit and if not we will stay inside.  There are several small projects that need to be done but I am lo…

So Loved...

One of my favorite bloggers is adopting 2 special little girls from China at once!  Please stop by Ni Hao Y'all or So Loved to see how they are doing this. 
I sometimes wonder if I will ever be brave enough to add another child to our family.  I see families like this and I know that someday (very far away) I might be able to handle it.  But then again it is not so bad to be an only child is it?

Our Life on a Blog

I know it seems like we document a lot of our lives on this blog and on Jim's blog and it's true, but there is so much more to us that what is bloggable.  We pick and choose the moments to share and many times they are the nice, cute, perfect family moments.  I try to occasionally show the funny and frustrating moments, the tough and the scary moments but that does not happen as often.  I feel I need to share this because I think some people (no one in particular) and even our daughter (if she ever reads this) will get the impression that our lives are exactly what is on the blog.  We are more than the sum of our blogs, much much more.  The experiences that we don't capture with a camera or a blog are just as important and shape us just as much as what we choose to share.
There are things happening in our lives, that I don't know if I will ever be able to blog about.  I hope that someday I will but every time I sit down to write about them I feel stuck.  I realize that …

I Am Horrible...

At this daily blogging thing.  I have tons of stuff to write and I just can't do it.  Luckily my darling daughter provides us with endless entertainment. She was having a slightly off day and climbed up in daddy's chair to read a couple books.  She pulled the blanket on herself.

Pure sweetness!

Happy Easter!

We had a great day! But I have just one question, Am I ever going to feel rested ever again?  I am so exhausted and we have another busy week ahead.

Here are a few pictures from today I am too tired to post much more.

Oh by the way I have completely forgotten what number I am in the Spring Fling but I am still posting everyday!

Egg Salad!

We decided today would be the egg coloring day!  So I came home from shopping put Chloe to bed for a nap and boiled some eggs.  A couple of eggs broke and so I thought I would try making egg salad, I don't eat eggs so this was a new thing to me.  I had to google how to boil an egg (not even kidding) but I can apparently make a mean egg salad, according to a 19 month old! She ate a 1/2 of egg salad sandwich!!  I was shocked, she even left her plate on the tray and her cup!  She just pretty much watched us color eggs there was not much participating but that was OK.

 We tired to get pictures in her CUTE Dress and new squeaky shoes but apparently toddlers her age do not pose, who knew?

The Easter bunny came by a little early and to make Chloe Happy he stuffed the eggs with Gerber Graduates!  Love that bunny!

Hope every one has a Happy Easter!

Chloe's First Egg Hunt!

We have been practicing egg hunting and finally the day was here.  Chloe was not the most prolific hunter but she got plenty, next year I am sure she will be over loaded with eggs :)  We also did a bunny craft that I got from M3 at Do They Have Salsa in China? I now know why not many crafts get done at Daycare with a 12 month old, 18 month old, Two 2 year olds, a 3 year old and a 4 year old.  OH MY GOODNESS I am tired.  The kids we great and the craft turned out great but it was not easy.  Chloe loved it though I think we may have a future crafter on our hands.

This isn't the greatest because she is ALWAYS moving but I liked the position of the bunny mask!
Didn't they turn out CUTE!  The little girls used the little plated since they have such tiny hands, Chloe's is the little one on the bottom.
 Chloe was the first one out.  She was not that interested in the eggs but the playing outside was too tempting to wait any longer.

Four generations! 
 Poppa and one of his girls.
The l…

Let the Weekend Begin!

We are hoping for some fun in the sun!

Some milk in our cozy coupe! (I think it is a little early to worry about drinking and driving, so we're safe for now)

Some cute Easter Clothes.

And the cutest bunny bum ever!

Come on back tomorrow for egg hunt pictures. We are looking forward to a lot of fun this weekend.

Wordless Wednesday - Peek-a-Boo


The Mom Camera

This was a typical scene at the zoo :)
We have a few yellow tulips and Chloe can say yellow so for now I am assuming it is her favorite color. 
 She decided that her rice from dinner belonged on her head!  Did I mention this girl is a comic genius?

I thought I would post a few pictures from my camera.  In this family, Jim is the photographer and I am fine with that but once in a while I pull out the old cannon for some snapshots.  I think this summer I might have Jim teach me a bit more about the Nikon but for now I like my little point and shoot.

3 months!

Today is 3 month from adoption day!  We didn't celebrate since we had doctor appointments all morning and what fun is that.  We did stop on the way home from Seattle and get some Chinese food!  I do believe we have a new favorite, too bad it is 2 hours away from home. Jim and I agreed it was the best Chinese since Beijing, I think Chloe was even a fan.

Does anyone know what these noodles are called, in the store or if you can buy them? Chloe was a big fan as you can see.   I also think we need to start a systematic search for a good Chinese place a little closer or move :)

Too Much Fun!

We are having a great time but because of that I am about ready to drop into bed.  Chloe has been asleep for about an hour already.  I am sure I will be sharing more zoo pictures with you later in the week but for now I am just going to post a couple of my favorites.

Jim is the photo guy in this house but every once in a while I pick his camera and take a shot or 2.  I was pretty proud of myself for being able to take credit for the last one!

Playing Quietly

I am playing quietly on the computer while waiting for Chloe to go to sleep in a hotel room crib.  I am hiding behind the Armour.  It is a bit pathetic.  I can you seasoned parents please tell me how you keep from laughing when you go to sternly lay her back down and she flashes a cheesy grin at you?  Please I am helpless here.  

She loves this room.  It is truly amazing how she has changed in 3 short months. She is brave, confident and fearless.  She is funny, smart and insightful.  All qualities that I am sure she had 3 months ago but now I see them everyday.  Someday I will be able to blog about the struggles that I had in becoming a mom, it was not the easy magical moment I was thought it would be, but we grow together more and more each day. It is truly amazing! I love this little girl like no other.

Though I would show you what this monkey can do.  She has been Climbing at daycare for a couple weeks now.  In fact my mom said that in all her years of doing daycare (over 20 years)…