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Snow Day!!!

It started yesterday about 4 and has yet to stop. There was six inches this morning on the walk. Jim took the shoveling duties while I swept the cars. I have never been so thankful that we don't have a driveway. We got a call early that school was delayed 2 hours but Jim still went in right after I left for work since we only live about a mile away. I was about 15 minutes late because I decided to go the long way and take it slow.

We are getting Sirius radio put in the car tonight so I hope the roads are cleared better then. I should be getting snow tires but I guess it just shows my priorities ;0). Plus, the lines at the tire places are going to be really long today. I do want to get them in the next week or so but I think I can make it a couple days in the snow considering I’ve been driving the truck for a few years now with out snow tires.

Let it snow!!

Turkey Day Weekend

Thanksgiving was wonderful, as always the time went by too fast but we enjoyed every minute of it. It was just six of us at Emily’s on Thursday (Mom, Dad, Emily, Ryan, Jim and I) we had too much food and lots of fun. I still have leftovers, as I am sure we all do. I don’t know what we were thinking on some things. We made 2 bags of cranberries, the biggest pot of mashed potatoes you have ever seen, a 9 x 13 pan of sweet potatoes, roasted a 25 lb turkey, fried a 15lb Turkey and stuffing. We also had a variety of snacks and 3 pies. So needless to say we were stuffed and we will be eating leftovers for a while. Tonight I made turkey taco casserole, a traditional after Thanksgiving meal in our house. It is refigerated over night for better flavor so we will have it tomorrow for dinner.

The puppies are sure growing and are as cute as ever. They were really getting vocal and I think by the weekend they will no longer be containable in the kiddie pool they now call home as they are becoming …

New Car and First Snow

I finally got my car and I am so excited! Jim and I went out on Saturday looking, even though we were pretty sure what we were going to get. It was an all day project and we ended up getting a Toyota Camry Hybrid. They did not have the color that we wanted, even though they said it was there, so they had to bring it in from another dealership. We did not get it until almost 5pm yesterday. These pictures were taken right after we got home. I will post a better picture later but I am going to have to take it in the morning since it is dark when I get home now.

As we were picking up the car last night it started snowing and it kept snowing all evening. We got about 2 inches in all. It is all gone now but there is supposed to be another storm in the area so we may get more. Usually our first snow is not that much. It was awesome but it prevented us from driving our new car around all night, oh the compromises.

We went to Emily and Ryan’s yesterday. I saw the puppies; they are so cute and g…

Google Lane

What happens when you google your name? I found out about the California Outdoor Roller-skating Association, the Cora Bike Rack Company, the Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse, and the CORA rehabilitation clinic. Because of this trip down google lane, I am thinking about becoming really active in CORA but I will start by getting in shape and will need to use a Cora Bike Rack (for my 10 speed, I have not ridden in about 12 years) while my skates are being customized. But when I break my ankle the ER doc gets the wrong idea when he sees all the bruises from falling off my bike and refer me to CORA where they learn of my new roller-skating hobby and assume that I must be on drugs. So they send me to CORA where they find out this all started by googling my name and they cancel my internet subscription and send me home.
As you can see above not much has been happening around here hence the lack of posts. I could bore you with our Xbox play but it is more exciting if you are actua…

TLC Life lessons

I know, I know, TLC life lesson: “Blogging and merlot don’t mix.” Replace merlot with appletini and you have me on a Wednesday night. I wrote a wonderful, completely sober blog the other day on my lunch hour but forgot to email it home so you are stuck with appletini Cora. I am not really impaired yet so you may be in luck (but I make no guarantee, I am still drinking it.)
CCAA only got through 8 days last referral batch, this is not an improvement. I really don’t think that they are going to ever speed up. Jim and I went to the waiting family meeting on Sunday in Seattle. We were the only waiting family there. It actually gave us an opportunity to talk to our social worker about our concerns and options. Right now, if the wait continues to be the same as it has for the last few months, our wait will be about 6 years. Since Jim and I want more than one child, that is not exactly acceptable so we are exploring other options. More on that if anything develops but for now it gave us a lo…