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Happy Friday!


Happy 2nd Birthday Little Miss!

Last year my post was of a lonely cupcake, this year has a completely different feel.  I so wish we could have spent her first birthday with her but I think we made up for it this year.  2 is more fun than one anyway, right?
Sunday afternoon we had some family over to my parents house and had a blast!  I think Chloe had a good time!  Do you have a Clue what the theme was?

I think year 2 will be the best one yet!

Today and Tomorrow

Chloe's 2nd Birthday party is tomorrow, (her actual birthday is on Tuesday) I didn't start getting emotional until tonight.  She has only been my baby for 8 months, not long enough to be turning 2 but that is the way life is.  I know we are spoiling her this birthday but we have one to make up for!  Last year she was just a picture on a computer screen, this year she is an independent, stubborn, out going, happy. active, toddler!  Babyhood went too fast for this Mama but I am enjoying see her grow and change, just want it to start slowing down so I can enjoy it more!

Last year we went to the Prosser Balloon rally knowing about Chloe but not knowing for sure what would happen in the next few months.  This year it was awesome to finally be there with her!  I am exhausted from our day and we have more excitement tomorrow so I will just leave you with a few pictures.

Too Cute for Words

Chloe's shirt needed a little stain care after daycare so I stripped it off to soak, She then found my hat and her purse.  I just love her sense of style so I decided to get a few pictures.  I stole borrowed Jim's Camera and started shooting.

Tomorrow, hot air balloons, Sunday, birthday party, this is going to be one busy and fun weekend!

One Year Ago!

I almost forgot thinking it was closer to her Birthday but one year ago today we got the referral for our spicy Hunan girl it was a crazy good day.  The wait for approval seemed forever, now life is flying by. I could never imagine how much life has changed in a year!   

We love you Chloe Joy QiongFei!  You make every day brighter and crazier :)

Just Like Daddy!

Chloe wants to do everything daddy does.  I think Jim might have a little competition as the family photographer in a couple years :)

We are getting ready for the Birthday next week and I can't wait.  It is going to be simple and small but should be fun.  I can't believe a year ago we didn't even know this little person existed and now so much in our lives revolves around her.  Next week be ready for some Blue's Clues and Birthday fun for a very special 2 year old!



I Can Do It - Sunday Snapshot

We decided to go to the park yesterday.  The last time we were at this park Chloe had just started walking things were different this time.  We fed the ducks then headed over to the playground.  Chloe decided that she could climb the ladder by herself (with mommy spotting of course)

 Then I took Precious (Jim's camera).  I didn't get as many good shots as Jim does but I got a few that I liked. 

Then and Now

I simply can't believe how much this little girl has changed in 7 short months.  I was downloading the flip today and Chloe and I were looking back at some home videos from February.  I thought I would share one that I don't think I have shared before.  She was such a baby when we got home and now she is such a toddler.  Jim took the other video this morning at breakfast, she loves her berries and raspberries are her favorite.  It is going to be a sad day when we can no longer get fresh raspberries for the year.

Yesterday I went through her toys and boxed up the "baby" toys.  Do you ever stop feeling like everything is in fast forward?  Dressing herself is the newest venture and she is getting pretty good at it.  It makes getting ready in the morning a bit more challenging but we will get through it.  I have found just leaving her alone with her clothes while I get ready is the best strategy, so far.  Eventually, everything gets on although it maybe inside out and b…