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Has it Really Only Been One Year

Sometimes I look a old pictures and videos of Chloe and I can't believe the changes that have happened in just a year.  Here are a couple of pictures taken last year and similar shots this year.  She is growing up too fast, how do I slow it down so I don't miss a moment!

Last weekend we visited Great Grandma and I have a picture from last year about the same time.           

Ready to start the weekend.  We are going to a BBQ this afternoon with the Perry Cousins, can't wait to hang out with family and let the kids play.  Hope to have lots of pictures to share.

Cheers to a 3 day weekend

We are hoping to have a relaxing weekend.  Hope the weather is nice and we can spend some time outdoors.  I thought I would add a couple random shots from the week.  Hope to get many more to share with you this weekend.
 Chloe was having a hard time waking up the other day.  No matter what I did she could not keep those eyes open. This was at her Gym Kids Show Time.  It was a big production and a little overwhelming for Chloe.  She did not know what to expect, we did not know what to expect.  Jim went out with her and I did not get many good pictures.  She is doing really well she can hang on those rings like a champ!  She is getting really good at the bars too.  She was just getting warmed up when her turn was over, I know it is hard to get all the kids through in a short time but the little ones needed more time to get into it.  Plus they played the music really loud and when a place is really loud Chloe tends to shut down a bit.  It is the only time we see her shy.
Hope you have a…

Good Morning Donkey!


Happy Second Mother's Day!

We had a great weekend. Jim and Chloe got me a new camera for Mother's Day and I love it!  I had a Nikon point and shoot and it was horrible!  I had to push the button 3-4 times every time to get one picture and then most of the time the pictures turned out out of focus or I missed the shot completely because 2 year old's move fast.  He got me a Canon elph 300HS and it is AMAZING! It takes pictures fast and in focus!  I am so happy with it.  I don't need a camera to take great portraits that is what Jim's is for, I just wanted something that will take good snapshots.  Something to help me capture what life is like so we don't forget.  Moments like this... Chloe loves to help me with my hair.

I love how serious she was about helping get my hair dry.
After nap today I caught some pictures of Chloe playing on her climbing toy.  
Love those eyes! 

Then there are faces like this that can never be duplicated!
It was fun taking pictures of some of the flowers in the yard…

Bubbbbbblesssss and Yes we are 2!

We bought a bubble machine at Costco the other day and can i just say that it is AMAZING!  The thing literary puts out a gazillion bubbles!  Chloe loves it.  She got to have some cousin time with the bubble machine and let's just say they were both happy with the sheer amount of glorious bubbles that were produced.  

Right now in Chloe's life it is all about extremes.  Everything is either GREAT or devastating there seems to be no in between.  Here is an example of what happened after Daddy needed to carry bags into the house and not Chloe.  Minutes later she was ready to tell Mommy about her wonderful trip to the park, such is the life with a 2 year old.

Potty training is going good, we have accidents and we have our off days but for the most part she is doing really good and staying dry on most days.  Everyday we are hearing more and more language that just amazes us.  It is great! 
Only 2 more days at my job! Then a new adventure begins! I am very excited!