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I saw this cute book on cake pops and thought that can't be that hard, yeah right! I thought hey Chloe's Birthday is coming up and just look at all the cute holiday ones.  This could become a fun family baking event.  AND THAT IS WHAT I GET FOR THINKING!
I baked a cake last night.  I read the instructions twice and today at nap time I gathered the supplies and dug in.  It all seemed to go well until the dipping.  I had one panda suicide right off the stick he must have known his fate was never to be as cute as the pictures in the book.  I switched to cupcakes thinking they would be easier and it was but they still had a longing, they longed to be cupcakes.
On the upside they are yummy!

I might try again, has anyone made these before?  Any tricks to make the dipping go easier?  


No our back yard is not the greatest, most perfect yard in the world, but it is ours.  It has it's bare spots, it has it's weeds, and it has it's mud.  Chloe took great pleasure in finding a puddle this afternoon.  It was a hot day and Jim mowed the lawn twice this morning (yes, it was that long since we were out of town last weekend...stop judging) so he was sprinkling it while we were out there.  Chloe had been avoiding the sprinkler but when she wandered into it I thought, oh well she'll dry, that is what I get for thinking. 

It was a fun afternoon and what better way to cool off than a mud bath.

Beach Adventure 2011

Just a few pictures until I have the energy to write all about it.  As I type this at 10 pm on Sunday, Chloe fell asleep a mere 5 minutes ago! She is normally in bed by 7:30 - 8 at the latest, she was in bed before 8 but going to sleep is another matter.  I think I will even save captioning them for another time.

Good night all, if you could think good thoughts for our trip home tomorrow Chloe has decided that car trips longer than 5 minutes were created as a torture device.  Screaming in the car is the new norm, yikes, I need to get some sleep.

Weekend Fun : Sunday Snapshot

In the next week or so expect picture overload.  We are making our first trip to the beach!  I was supposed to be getting ready this weekend but we didn't get far on that.  I did get a new beach dress made for Chloe but we are not packed.  Oh well we will get there.  Here is a tease of what to expect on the beach:

In the mean time, here is Chloe in her first 2 piece, she is about the cutest thing ever!

Oh and she has discovered that her FAVORITE Raspberries fit on her fingers.

Thank goodness for rapid fire with Jim's camera those raspberries only lasted a couple seconds.
Oh and to prove I am still here Jim got a shot of me :)

An Afternoon in the Back Yard

This was our Saturday night it was awesome!  Life just keeps getting better.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have Jim's camera to take these pictures but he said something like too much butter for his "precious"

Poor Neglected Blog

Dear Blog, I am so sorry but you would never guess it but 22 month old's are BUSY and they prevent you from blogging.  I know, I know I said I would never leave you but we are going to have to see each other less often and when we do see each other it might just be for a brief, passing picture or two.  On the brightside you are still a cute blog with pictures of an adorable busy toddler so don't feel to bad.  And I have time tonight so here is a little recount of our day.
It is Hop Festival weekend in our little town.  Last year at this time we were working a booth selling coloring books to help with adoption costs.  We never imagined that this year we would be pushing a stroller around with a little one from China.  My, how life changes!  

We missed the fireworks last night, since someone's bedtime is before dark.  However, we did make the parade this morning.  It was Chloe's first parade.  The sirens on the police cars and fire trucks at the beginning kind of scared he…