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Great giant cookies, Batman! it is a Giant Fortune Cookie giveaway! And I must win! Ok, I would be just as happy if some one I know wins and shares with me! So go on over to Diana Rambles and check it out. And if you don't win but want to buy me a yummy giant chocolate covered, did I mention before it was COVERED in chocolate? Cause it is so covered in chocolate. Sorry I was distracted by chocolate for a minute. So here is where you go to buy me one and remember Cora really likes milk chocolate, hint hint.
Good Luck.

90 days

It has been 90 days since the referral of BB. I hope we are closer to him than we were 90 days ago but I wonder. I am still worried that something is going to happen and it will all fall apart. I am a worrier there is no getting around that. I have so many questions and NO answers. This is one of the most frustrating processes I have every been through and I hope that soon I will come out the other side. I wonder what this will look like from the other side. Will parenthood ever happen? We have tried so hard and done everything that we could. I got asked the other day if I think it would have happened sooner if we went with domestic adoption. I don't know. I know last year I was trying so hard to make a domestic adoption work out and it fell apart in my arms. I struggle with the fact that I think there are people who think it is my fault. I think about that boy all the time and hope that his mother has found some peace and they are both happy, but I don't think I will ever kno…

26 Months

We have been waiting now for 26 months to get a referral for our Little Miss. So much has happened in these last 3 years it amazes me. I never thought that we would still be waiting 26 months later and still be so far away. I will continue to count the months until referral but each month becomes a little less momentous as this wait grinds on and gets longer. It is kinda like you are in a line at Disney except they don't post anything about how long you are going to be there and there are no fun things to look at while in line. Oh and they are secretly adding rows to the line around the corner where you can't see them. But there is a really fun, wild, scary, exciting ride waiting for you at the end if you can just get there.

I spent some time today looking at what I was blogging about last year. I know what I was doing I was going through an emotional roller coaster of a life time. June 25th 2008 was when I learned about a little boy that I thought might someday be ou…

401 and Some Unsolicited Randomness

This is how many LID days we have left before we hear about our Little Miss. the CCAA referred 6 days this month. It is pretty much staying constant for now with an average of about 5 days a month over the last 2 years of waiting. I am hoping for a speed up but for now I am just trying to focus on what is right in front of me. While I still think about her and when she will be here I know it will be a long time. Even if they started referring a whole month of LID's at a time we would still be over a year away. It is a long road but the one thing about it is that I know at the end is our Little Miss what's her name(yes she still does not have a name).

In the mean time we heard from our agency on BB, who, by the way, has a name but we are not ready to announce it yet since we don't have approval from Burundi that he is offically ours. We have a lawyer now in Burundi that is handling our case. I am so happy that things are finally moving forward, this being the guinea pig…

Shots and the Hotest Jalapeno EVER!

So the week finally ended, I was worried that it never would, but it did. I got to leave work a little early on Friday it was so exciting we got to go to Fred Meyer and get travel shots! I know you are jealous but trust me they are not all that great. True I will probably now not get yellow fever, polio, typhoid, or malaria (actually Malaria are pills that we take when we travel that come with a whole exiting new set of side effects) but I can tell you they all came with there own set of joy. We had to get the injectable typhoid because you can't have 2 live vaccines with in about a month of each other or they don't work as well. But if you have ever had a tetanus shot (we were up to date on that one THANK GOODNESS) I would say multiply your arm soreness by a couple of factors and you got the typhoid shot. Now hopefully I don't get any of the other side effects which include but are not limited to achiness and fever, basically like you had the flu. My joints always ache so…

Last Day to Enter

It is the last day to enter the giveaway over at

I know all of you know a little girl that could use a cute dress or a new baby on the way that needs a soft blanket! So go enter, now!

Weekend Projects

Well I had great expectations for this weekend and I ended up being kinda lazy Saturday, which I don't get to do that often so I was nice. We did go grocery shopping and get some other stuff and I did do a some laundry and I read outside in the lawn chair and we watched the clouds. Sunday, I really got into my projects. I made a new cover for the changing table. I even made the pattern myself, I am thinking about selling if if I can get it into pdf form. People do that all the time on ETSY. I thought it would be kinda cool.

Then I have been talking about this sling I am going to make for a while and I finally made it. It was pretty easy but took a bit to figure out. I cut the fabric to the desired width and then I did a rolled hem with my serger all the way around the edge (I should have not done the top edge but that is OK) then I folded it in pleats and basted it together and then I put the ring in it and stitched together in a couple of rows of a decorative stitch (well…

And the Thunder Rolled

I am not sure if that is the name of the song but Garth Brooks sings (or sang) a song with that lyric in it. At the beginning of the song there is the sound of thunder. It was one of the first CD's that my parents bought when they got their first CD player. My Dad would turn up the sound on that part and our poor little dog would hide under what ever he could find and shiver. I know it was kinda mean but it was so realistic even the dog could not tell the difference. He was a little terrier/poodle mix named Snoopy. In his older age he became allergic to fleas and basically anything on his skin and he itched himself red and lost all the hair on his back but hey he was like 14 years old and we loved him so it didn't matter to us much but when we took him out he got stares. People would ask "What kind of dog is that?" I used to answer "Well, he is an Asian Red Butt" He then turned from disgusting to exotic it was interesting to see how peoples reactio…

Craft at Home Shout Out

Diana at has this great feature on her blog where she features people who make things and sell them from their homes called Craft at Home Shout Out. I have been featured in the most recent CAH shout out! Diana has given me so much help in the blog design region she is very talented herself when it come to crafts and blog designing. That is why Blankets and Stuff looks so great. I am also looking forward to someday soon revealing another one of Diana's blog designs but you will have to continue to wait on that one. There is also a giveaway, so head off to Diana Rambles and enter to win one of my peasant dresses or blankets!

This is Diana's little girl Dori in her new peasant dress.

Also don't forget to order a patriotic outfit for the upcoming holiday. You can order just the top for only $20 or the whole outfit for $40. I know you can probably find something cheaper at Walmart or Target but these are well made, hand made items and all profits go to our adop…

Yard Sale Adventures and more

Saturday we went to some yard sales. I was not looking for anything specific but just some kids stuff and a chance to get out of the house. It was so much fun. I found some great finds too. We found a whole neighborhood where they were all having sales it was really cool just to walk around in a new place and try to find some bargains. I got all these toys for less than $5 LM got some cute clothes that are almost new looking.
BB got his fair share of cute clothing. I hate searching through piles of clothes never knowing if they have the right sizes but this person had boys and girls separated in tubs according to size it was great.

I got a whole assortment of animals for a couple bucks.

And last but not least my big find of the day, a Little Tikes Climber for the backyard. This is a pirated picture because it is not put together yet bit it will look very similar to this! I can't wait to see BB and LM climbing all over this. I got all my orders caught up on Saturday so I Sunday in be…

Shoes, Shirts and shorts

I got a tip off that Ross had Robeez and Sketchers in. So last night we headed out to bargain hunt. BB had no shoes yet I have been reluctant to buy any since we really don't know his size. I bought a pair of Robeez in each size from 12-24 months and a pair of sketchers in a size 5. I probably should have bought the size 6 too but they are summer shoes so I did not want to get them too big. I might go back and get them just because they were only $5, the Robeez were only $8. Score!!

Then today the CocoBonBons stuff that I won on a blog giveaway also came in. How adorable are these? Now if only I could get him home before he grows out of them. I love this the line of clothes and was so excited to win.

I also got this great box of clothes from Angie today, her boys have outgrown them and she passed them on to BB.

I can't wait to have a little boy running around in all these things. I hope we hear something soon.

So what have you been doing?

Sorry I have been kind of out of the blogging mood lately. I have been keeping up with others blogs though so really I might already know what you have been doing :0). I went through a bit of a bitter/not fair stage lately but I think I am coming out of it. A good long cry always helps.

I have been sewing, I have one more order to finish then I am going to work on a new outfit and that I hope to reveal next week! I also need to make a few things for BB, the curtains for BB’s room, anyone got a simple pattern? I bought lining to keep the light out but I am not sure how to attach it. A ring sling and a cover for the high chair we have.

We got our new washer and dryer so I have been doing a lot of laundry. Last weekend we spent a lot of time organizing and it is looking great! I should have taken before and after pictures but I was too embarrassed at the sorry unorganized state of the before laundry room. We are going to try and keep it that way but if you truly know us you know i…


Do you other bloggers out there ever write posts that you just can't seem to post? And I am not talking technical difficulty but "I just can't bring myself to post it", type. I have had a few of these in the past that are lurking around corners, labeled as drafts. I have one right now that I want and don't want to post. So I was just wondering if I am the only weird one. Since I have had a couple of those in the last week.

I actually think writing and rewriting my posts help me work through the up and down emotional roller coaster ride that is known as adopting your first child internationally after years of infertility, whether they actually get published or not. So if it helps then it is not so weird right? I just don't want everyone running away from their computers screaming when they find out what a basket case I can be.

Quick Burundi update: our documents are there but no other new news.