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I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. This year has not been a good one for my health. I think I have been ill more than well in 2007. I hope to see a change in 2008. I have been MIA on the blog lately just because I have been too exhausted to pick up the computer. So much has happened since the last time I blogged I don’t really know where to begin, so please forgive me if it all seems a little random.
First let me get the sad news out of the way. My Mom’s Stepmother passed away right before Christmas. She had been sick for a few days and we were expecting it but it still is not something that you ever want to happen.
We had Christmas with Jim’s family on the 23rd and had a great time. The kids were, as always, adorable and it was a really nice that we could all get together and celebrate the holiday and our growing family. I hope soon to be able to announce the arrival our 3rd niece or nephew as Carrie looked as though she could have the baby at any moment. I appreciate all the…

Short Short Blog

Yes, I am still here. Laptop has been stupid lately and so it is too frustrating to use it for long. The desktop is too far away and I am too lazy to go that far. Work has been busy and I have been tired. CCAA referred only 6 days this month not much to talk about except the wait is still getting longer and that is no fun. House is sort of decorated for Christmas. It will have to do this year. I do have all my shopping done, now I just have to pay the bills ;0). Well, I have about hit my limit on using the stupid laptop; hope to get it fixed soon.

Busy, Busy

We have had a busy weekend. Saturday, we got snow tires on the car, went out for breakfast, cleaned the house (which really needed it), got the oil changed in the truck, visited with Grandma L, went shopping a little, and visited with Jim’s parents. Sunday we got the Christmas decorations out of the shed, which was a feat, when we moved out of the storage unit this summer things kind of got buried. We also went Christmas/Birthday shopping for the munchkins. Then I went to my mom’s house to help her type up her class.

It was snowing on Saturday and on Sunday it was raining ice cubes, well they weren’t quite cubes but it sure felt that way. So because of the rain most of the snow is gone but never fear another storm system is on it’s way. We I went out to the car this morning it was 50 degrees!! Not kidding, this weather is crazy. Here are a couple pictures of the snow from last week. I can't wait for Little Miss to come home and make snow angels in that perfect snow.

Because of the e…