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Neil Diamond

Just got done watching American Idol and Neil Diamond was the mentor. OK, call me a nerd but Neil Diamond rocks and they just did not do him justice. I don't think Jim Humming Sweet Caroline over and over and over again, is going to do this musician justice either. I am partial to David Cook and Brooke White, I hope they make it through another week. Do I hope enough to vote for either of them? NOPE, I am also lazy!!
Time to go to bed.

Cheers to all!!!!!

Hidding Place!! (Spoon Update)

The Spoon is back but it is still hidden. Yippee!! Jim almost got it out of me last night. He is normally a terrible fibber but last night I think he must have taken lessons or something. I almost gave it away but I was careful about revealing the whereabouts until I confirmed it was actually in his hands. Thank goodness for my suspicious ways!!

Jim thinks I was lying about the nice church boys that I gave the spoon to but in fact they returned the spoon. They said that although it was a thoughtful gift the congregation thought it to hideous to place in the Church so they returned it to me.

As for Jim's claims of luck and good fortune it has yet in the years the spoon has been around so I am doubtful that it truly has mystical powers.

Now Jim has to wonder is the spoon moving around the house or is the hiding place the same, maybe it is in plain site or maybe not? Keep searching but be warned if you find it I will find a way to hide it again, Wah ha ha ha.

Fun and exhausting

The weekend for me started early with a Friday off, Yea! I just took it easy and worked on some fun projects that I have wanted to try. I found a pattern for baby crib shoes and I had some scrap fabric so I decided to give it a try. They are a work in progress but I am getting there, the only problem is finding time to work on them. I went into town Friday afternoon. I got a fun Ty panda to celebrate our LID I also found a cool frame it says “No Ordinary Family” on the bottom. I think for now I am just going to put a picture of Jim and I and the pups but someday after Little Miss comes home we will have family pictures in it. Hallmark has some really neat frames right now.
Friday night my sisters came into town and we spent the evening together with my parents. I don’t think we have all been together since Christmas. We had take out Chinese from our new good Chinese restaurant that we found and just hung out together. We listened to good music and had some good wine, it was f…

12 Months = 1 Year

One year, 12 months, 366 days (leap year) of Official waiting for Little Miss What’s Her Name, not the blog but the actual wait for China to process adoption applications and get a little closer to our goal in line. We started seriously looking into adoption about 2 years ago at that time it was mostly me researching the many options and convincing Jim that this is the right path, the convincing part worked by the way. Over the next six months we decided on China and started researching agencies. We had so many tell us we could not even start collecting documents until I was 30. I am so glad that we did not listen and kept looking. We had all of our paperwork collected and ready to go the first week of April. Then it was just a waiting game until I turned 30. I was the happiest person in the world to be 30 on that day although I had pneumonia and probably should have been in the hospital.

So that was a year ago. I thought gathering documents and going through the home study process was…

Review Room

I was begining to wonder if this room was even going to show any movement but today I heard (read) they (CCAA) are through reviewing up to December 31 2006!!! This is the next major step we have to go through before being matched with our Little Miss. We could be through review by the end of the year. They only have 4 months to get to us, although I am assuming because of the May 1st change the next months are going to be big.

This does not mean that we will get a referral any sooner. It is basically when China reviews and approves us to adopt. Any progress forward is good so I was happy.


Well I guess being 31 isn’t so bad. My Dad just brought me a piece of fresh smoked Spring Salmon (the best salmon). He caught it this weekend and smoked it this afternoon so it was really fresh. I wish I had not had dinner I would have ate the whole thing. But it’s Ok this way I can enjoy it for a couple days instead of just one. It is done perfectly! The perfect dessert, I would have a hard time choosing between my Dad's smoked fish and chocolate and that is saying something. I have to go now and enjoy more of my treat!
Thanks for the great Birthday Present, Dad!!

Dinner & a Movie

Well, I am officially 31 and one day. I guess it is not so bad. I just thought I would be 31 and have a slightly bigger family but I know it is coming. It is less that I am sad and more that the emotion of the wait got me for a few days. Yesterday I wore my ladybug necklace all day (even at work, bad Cora) and it seems to have lifted my spirits. Oh, the magic of a ladybug is great.

Jim took me out to dinner and I really wanted to go to the Thai restaurant I like but apparently I don’t like enough because I think they are going out of business and were closed. So we decided to try a new Chinese restaurant, risky I know. But I had an ace up my sleeve, I finally got smart and asked a guy at work who is married to a Chinese woman, if there are any good Chinese places in town. He said that his wife’s friend owns Ki Ki’s and it was OK. I think his wife’s cooking is probably better in his eyes but the food was fantastic. I don’t even think celery stir fry was on the menu and the nice lady ser…

April 22!

Ok, it is the big day!! Earth day!! It was established in 1970 and is the best environmental holiday. So everyone should go plant a tree or frag a coral or just be environmentally aware.
Oh that is not the only thing that happened today. I was going to look up all the things that have happened on this day in history (there are a lot)but I just don’t have the energy. Instead I will list a few more recent things.
1977 – Cora was born! Yep, I am sure most of you know it is my birthday today and I am 31. I am not as enthusiastic as I was about my 30th birthday. This year has come with a lot more emotion and this blog has been harder to write than I thought it would be.

Jim gave me some books that put a smile on my face. He did not need to do anything since I already have my wonderful laptop!! I absolutely love the books Shel Silverstein is my favorite poet. And I was looking at this Chinese Knotting book online just the other day he must have had them shipped superfast. Tonight we are going …

Retail Therapy

Since it was cold yesterday and yard work was out of the picture, darn, and I was hoping to avoid our messy house, we decided to go shopping. Well technically first I ordered some prints from Costco so we could pick them up later. So we went into town and hit one of my favorite stores, Joann Fabrics. I needed to pick up some supplies for a secret project I am working on. Jim was a little bored but he stuck it out and even survived the adventure, yes, it was a miracle. Then on to the next favorite store, Target, pronounced like ballet, tar-j, when I’m feeling important.

We ran into some old friends at Target, it was nice to hear how everyone was doing. It was also really nice to hear that friends that are no longer with us are still remembered.
We went in for light bulb for the refrigerator and came out with, lets just say, more than that. Here are a few things that we got.

I am not sure where these are going to go and I need to go back and get the lights I thought they came with but no …

Where is Spring!?!

Well I woke up this morning and what do I see out the window? Snow, not the puney little flakes that might be rain but real big fluffy flakes falling from the sky. I can only remember it snowing on my birthday once in my life but this it pretty darn close. I stepped outside in my PJ’s and took a couple quick pics for proof. It is 34 degrees out so I don’t think it will be around for long but still this is crazy, Where is Spring? I guess no yard work today, boy, I am so disappointed.
I watched Oprah the other day and it was about not liking your job and what to do about it. One of the exercises that they went through was to write down strengths and weaknesses about your work and learn what you really are good at and play to the strengths. So just incase anyone was wondering on one of my weakness cards is yard work!! I will never become a professional gardener! I do like to plant and enjoy flowers and vegetables but just about everything else that goes with it I hate and on top of that …

New Home for the SPOON!!

The spoon has disappeared. I told Jim the story and I don’t think he believes me. So I will leave it here you everyone to decide for yourselves. I got home before Jim today and as I was patiently waiting for him to return home, when a group of oh so nice Mormon boys stopped by the house. After telling me all about their recent missions they asked if there was anything they could do for me? I told them that yes there was. They asked “what” and I said that they could help get the 416 children being held by the government placed back with their mothers? They said that unfortunately there was nothing they could do about that and I said “In that case you could help me take down this spoon that is too high for my reach” they kindly helped and to thank them I offered the precious spoon as a gift. At first they refused but I insisted that for their effort to bring Jesus into this house they deserved the most fine piece of art that is “The Spoon”. They took it and promised to cherish it foreve…

1 Year DTC!!

I almost forgot. One year ago today our documents arrived in China. I was super stressed all weekend long because I was worried they were going to log them in before my 30th birthday on the 22nd. I was worried all week long until we got notice that our LID was 4/25/07. Wow, it was close but I am thankful for that because a few days in this process might mean months in the end. So 4/25 is the date that we recognise because we will get our little girl according to that day but today is also special. You will probably hear this alot from me but even though it has been hard, looking back the year has gone rather quickly. It is looking forward that really seems long. I just wish we new where the end of the wait was and when our Little Miss is coming home.

Yeah it Friday!!

I am a peanut!!You Are A PeanutYou are popular, even with people who tend to have picky taste.
Kids love you, as do dogs. From rednecks to snobs, most people have a place for you in their hearts.
As popular as you are, there are some people who can't be near you.
Don't take it too personally. There's just a few people you rub the wrong way.What Kind of nut are you?I'm a peanut!!Happy Friday. Have a good weekend!

Evil Decay Crusaders!

It is official, I hate the dentist! (and the hygienist). I went in for a cleaning today and I should be happy that I have no cavities instead I am miserable. I have sores in the back of my mouth now and my gums are swollen. I was fine before I went so what did they do? I was only there for 40 minutes and that includes the waiting room. I have never felt like this after a cleaning. I was having trouble with my jaw cramping up but I don’t think that would cause the swelling. Who knows?

Sorry for the short post but I think I need to take more Tylenol.

The Spoon

Several years ago Jim carved the most hideous spoon ever and then he stained it black and it was still hideous. I think he thinks it resembles something African or an ancient artifact or something. I love Jim dearly but sometimes our idea of what is art does not mesh. Like for example I don’t see the airplane parts that he is collecting becoming a beautiful coffee table. But sometimes we do agree, like the paintings around the spoon, we did those together and I really like them and I think he likes them too.
So back to the spoon, Jim knows that I don’t love the spoon and it has been put away somewhere for a while (I don’t know where) and a few weeks ago Jim apparently found it. I walked out of the bedroom and found it on the wall by the front door. Jim was in the other room so I quickly and quietly removed it from the wall and hid it in a nearby drawer. He never said anything and I forgot about it until yesterday. I got home and Jim said “you know I love you right” I knew som…

New Header!!

What do you think? I thought I would give a new header a try. Sometime I will have to get the blog re-designed but for now it is a do it yourself kinda blog. Nothing much else to blog about, life is pretty dull around here right now, but that is Ok.

Have a good week!!

Happy Weekend!!

I’m so glad it is the weekend. I’m still having some trouble sleeping and so I have been exhausted this week. Jim was sick today, some sort of tummy virus. I will spare you the details but most of the people that read my blog also read his so you probably already have them, sorry. He is sleeping and I hope that he feels better in the morning so he can enjoy the weekend. He has an air soft game planned on Sunday and I am sure he would rather do that than spend the time in bed.

I don’t really have plans except to clean house, it is amazing how messy this place can get with just the 2 of us. It was clean when we got home and might have stayed that way if not for the fish tank disaster. I also want to start some spring cleaning not fun but needed. And then there is just plain relaxing, yeah!

We blogged a lot about what we did in Arizona but not much about what we got, I wanted to post about this great book that we found for Little Miss.

It is basically the Old Lady That Swallowed a Flay but…

Run away Dog.

Why oh why does the dog run away?
She always comes back, but chooses not to stay.
Why oh why does the dog run away?
I swear we let her sleep on beds better than hay.
Yet she chooses to dig and dig, then run away.
Why oh why does the dog run away?
She takes the Toby with when she strays,
Perhaps to Pepper’s is where they wish to play.
Why oh why does the dog run away?

Ok here is the explanation, When Gypsy arrived she dug her way into the back yard and ever since we decided to keep her she has been trying to escape. She and Toby have found their way to my parent’s house on several occasions. One time I got a call from my Mom at 4am asking if I knew where my dogs where. Apparently they woke up her dog, Pepper, after they made their way across town in the very early hours of the morning.
Every time we fix the fence she finds a way to penetrate it. Today she dug under bricks and boards to get out of the fence. Jim came home for lunch and found Toby in the front yard and then proceeded to spend the …

Fun Stuff!

I got this today at work. I ordered it a while ago but if it was so popular it was on back order. Just yesterday I was talking about the beautiful blossoms. A gal at work has been selling these warmers and I have resisted until I saw this cherry blossom warmer and that was it. It is pretty though, right? I think I am going to put it by my bed where the tank used to be.
Then I got home and my great secret pal has come through with another great gift. Bath time fun was the theme and we are going to have some fun with Little Miss in the bath. I can not wait to wrap her up in the lady bug towel. I always loved those kind of towels when I was a kid and now they make them even better. She also sent me some lady bug wash cloths, a rubber duckie that tells if the temp of the bath is too hot, a water book (which I still need to open and read) and some turtle bath toys. My Mom gave me the lady bug set just like it, she found them at a gift shop the last time she went to the beach. I thought it …

Plum Blossoms

I finally got so sleep last night yea!! I think the whole tragedy with the fish tank was compounded by the lack of sleep and although I am still terribly upset I am feeling much better about it.

I love this time of year. I love all times of the year really, each for there own reason. I love the fact that we live in a area that really has four distinct seasons. Although it is still cold in the morning, spring is everywhere. I noticed it today when I looked out my window at work and realized that it was all pink. The Plum tree outside my window is in full bloom and although, my window is not quite clear (old, cheap windows at work) it was beautiful. The bees were busy pollinating and every once in a while I would catch a glimpse of petals falling to the ground, I love it. This morning I took notice of the mini-daffodils blooming in front garden and I am not kidding you the bleeding hearts grew about 8 inches while we were gone.

Referrals also came out this week. They got to January 9, 20…

Home but Sad!

We made it home last night late after picking up the Dogs and stopping to see some family. We were happy to finally be home after a long day of travel until we found our best fish tank. The water had all leaked out of it. Anyone who knows us knows we love our fish tank. If you have ever been to our house you have been drug back to our bedroom to see our best tank.
We set it up a couple of years ago and have been working on improving it ever chance we get. Every time we go to Seattle we find time to go to The Fish Store or Coral City. Our Corals were flourishing and the tank was doing wonderful. We never imagined that the tank would not hold up. It leaked out the bottom and there was no water left when we got home. Almost everything was dead. After we semi-recovered from the initial shock we started moving the rock out and I found one emerald crab, the two hermits, two snails, and the conch snail alive but not feeling well. The 2 tree corals might recover but I am not sure a…
Well we made it to the airport and of course since we were early there were no lines and we breezed through. We already had breakfast and now we are sitting at the gate a little bored. We have to fly through Oakland to get home. We don't get off the plane but it will be a bit of a ride. I think we get in about 11 am. It is going to be a long day. But we finally get to see our babies (Toby, Gypsy and Sully) Bethany's Dog Nyla was sweet but she just was not the same as my sweet Gypsy or the lovable Tobster.
My next post will be from sunny but freezing WA!

Here is a pic of Nyla.

Good Bye AZ :0(

Our last day in AZ and I am sad to go but it will be good to see my animals again. I am sure that Sully is missing us and the dogs probably think their new home is with Emily and Ryan. We had a good last day. We went to a ghost town called Goldfield. It was a lot of fun. They had a mine tour which was neat, supposedly we were underground 25 feet but Jim and I seriously doubt it. We are pretty sure it was a mock up, but that is Ok, it was still fun.
We then went to the museum they had there and had a guided tour. It was interesting. We learned more of the history of the town. There are lots of little shops and people dressed up like they are in the old west. At one point there was even a shootout. It was pretty cool and I think we have some good pictures and Jim took some video of the shootout.
We went for some walks in the desert and saw some of the cacti in bloom. I guess we were a little early for that but we saw some. We saw some lizards but nothing venomous, darn.
We saw an IMAX …

Slow Day

Today was a take it easy kind of day. We got up late (OK it was me that got up late). We did not even take many pictures today. We went to the mining museum it was only $2 and worth the price of admission. We got some cool rocks from Arizona to take home. We could have just picked up rocks but they would not be as pretty.

After that we found a Rubio’s for lunch. It is fast food but we like it and we can’t get anything like it in WA. When we lived in CA we would go to Roseville on the weekend to shop or to just get away from home and we would usually have street tacos at Rubio’s. It was a getaway every weekend for me especially since I lived next door to work I needed to get out or I went a little Coocoo. I sure am glad I don’t live that close to work anymore.

After that we went souvenir shopping and just plain wandering. We also semi-packed so we don’t have to worry about it too much tomorrow. It is going to be so hard to go home. I love the weather, although I don’t know how much I w…

Animals and the Red Rocks

Sorry I am a little late posting, I fell asleep shortly after we got back last night. This vacation is wearing me out. It makes me worry a bit about our China trip I am going to be exhausted, with a little one to chase after and so many things to see and do. But I guess it will be good that I will have an excuse to go back to the hotel at midday most days, “Little Miss is looking tired must be nap time (for me, ha ha)”

Yesterday started out a little later than we hoped for but we made it up to Sedona area by about 11. We went to the Out of Africa Park, it was pretty neat. First we went to the giant snake show but it was pretty basic so we walked back down to the Serengeti tour looking at all the lions and tigers and other animals while we went. We got some good pics of “Boom Boom” the rhino. He was being sold because a animal park has closed down and the highest bidder was going to take him to a hunting place in Texas, and shoot him. So they got a generous donation to buy him. He is …