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Happy Birthday Daddy!


Pause the Blogging...

while I attempt to get over the common cold for the 3rd time this year.  Here are a couple pictures of how I feel.

Chloe getting her hair dried after her bath tonight.

Ready for bed singing with Mommy, Chloe does not mind that I can't hit the notes to Twinkle Twinkle.
This was from a couple nights ago, having fun with Daddy!

Oh Dear!

How many times can a one and a half year old wake up and cry during a 10 hour period?  What you don't know?  Neither do I because I stopped counting a about 15.

I never knew what tired was before I became a parent.  I used to hate when parents would say things like "you can't understand unless you are a parent" mainly because at the time I would have done anything to be able to understand and yet couldn't.  But they were right, ugg, I hate to admit that.  Have I been this tired before?  Yes, however I was always able to catch up the next few nights, not so with being a parent.  It is one sleepless night after another.

We were spoiled our first month home, she would sleep through the night without a peep, not so much anymore.  I am hoping that someday soon she will go back to that blissful state of a wonderful sleeper but for now we just live our lives in zombie mode.  She goes to bed great but just needs a little extra love several times a night and maybe a bot…

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We are sporting Green today!  Please excuse the early morning picture, maybe this afternoon we can get a couple better pictures.

Hope you all have a great day.



Sunday Snapshot : The Shower, ok one of them :)

My Sisters and Mom threw a shower for Chloe yesterday.  It was a lot of fun.  They made a diaper cake that turned out really cute! 
Jim brought over "precious" (his camera) but he was not too happy to be in the...what did he call it...sea of estrogen? or something like that :)
There was lots of cousin time.  Although Chloe does not look like she likes it she LOVED E, anyone with long hair has Chloe at hello :)
Leah looking so sweet!
Even the littlest guests had fun!
The best gift by Chloe standards was a pink boa from Gramma L. The best gift by mommy standards!  A giant baby gait/yard from Gramma A!!
And since Chloe had to have something on her heard so did Mommy.
I am sorry this is basically pictures with captions but I am exhausted and tomorrow is my first day back to work in over 2 months.  I am ok with going back but I have a feeling the new routine is going to kick my butt for a couple weeks.  So if you don't hear from me you know why :) 

(oh and this is my first week of par…

From China With Love - March Challenge

March's Challenge is White.  To see what photo I choose and to see the other photos Click on the button Below.

Good Bye to My Dresses

Not really, but I am no longer selling them.  I love to sew so I am only going to do it for fun and to make sure  Chloe is the best dressed at all her events :)

Check out the latest cuteness on my sewing blog!

How do you decipher a toddler?

Our sweet girl seems to be having some set backs.  I know they are to be expected but our once great sleeper is having a tough go at the moment.  I don't know what to do to make it all better and I have a feeling that when I go back to work it is just going to get worse.  It is the worst feeling when you know your baby is not happy and you don't know what to do to fix it.

The last couple of nights have been kind of rocky and Chloe has wanted a bottle at both 11pm and 4am (she would have gotten up for the day at 4 if we had let her).  Tonight we kept her up a little later and fed her a big dinner of oatmeal, squash and apple/banana puree.  What everyone craves late at night right?  We thought with a full tummy she would sleep better.  After she had been silent for an hour I thought it was safe to check on her since I normally do this every night without a problem. Oh boy was I wrong, she was still awake or had woken back up and that was the first upset.  We got her back to sle…

Weekly Wideos

Just because this is my place to show you how awesome Chloe is and I am really not in a mood to be wordy.