Saturday, July 6, 2013

Then and Now

This was Chloe's first visit to the zoo in March 2011.  I have a hard time remembering how small she really was.  

This was taken today.  Where did the baby go?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Reading and Riding

Chloe has been "reading" for a while.  She has her favorites memorized although it is not always easy to catch the whole story.

She also got a bicycle yesterday and she has taken off riding. Today we all rode all the way to the park and back and she did wonderful! At first she has a little trouble with the brakes but it didn't take long before she was riding like a champ. As she says "I'm a good bicycle rider now!"

Hope everyone is having a happy Father's day!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Pictures!!! I finally figured out how to add pictures to my Blog from Windows 8!.  I got a new laptop for my birthday and although I love that it I am no longer scared it is going to start fire, I have a ton more memory and it has a great backlit keyboard, I HATE Windows 8.  Seriously, I don't know how they could make things more difficult by trying to simplify them but congratulations Microsoft you have out done yourself.  I typically don't mind a little change and I think it takes a lot to frustrate me when it comes to technology but I'm seriously considering returning this just because of the operating system. Thanks to Gina, I was finally able to up load some pictures but last night I was ready to chuck the computer out a window. Enough complaining, I thought I would share a couple of my favorite pictures lately.  
I don't notice it everyday but sometimes when I look at a picture I feel like I am getting a glimpse of what Chloe will look like in 5 years.  She is growing up way too fast.

She LOVED the rope swing at Grandma's.  Fearless!  

Checking out the pond.

My Beautiful Grandmother!  It was so nice to see her and spend a few minutes enjoying the wonderful weather by the pond.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I get told often that I need to be writing down the things that Chloe says and sometimes I do post them on Facebook but I thought maybe I would put a few of them here as well.  So here it goes---

I told Chloe the other day to stop growing up this was her response "I will only grow until I can drive, Ok Mommy, then I can stop"  The girl has goals.

I told her one Sunday night "I don't want to go to work tomorrow"  She told me " But Mommy you have to go to work.  You have to make the Moneys.  But not the Pennies, because I swallow those.  Only the silver ones, OK?"  I told her I would make sure to tell my boss not to pay me in pennies.

She is getting a new tube in her ear in a next week, the other one fell out and with that being her only good hearing ear she has not been hering things clearly lately.  Recently she has learned the song Row Row Row your Boat, But this is her lyrics:
Row down your boat
Gently down the street
Mary Mary Mary Mary
Life is bubba beam.

We play Slug Bug when we go anywhere and it makes me get this big goofy grin when she actually gets one before us.  However, if she is not getting any she has no problem calling out "CAR, I got a car"

We bought a vehicle the other day to be able to pull a camp trailer that we want to get.  The dealership is across the street from Costco.  We took a couple test drives and coming back from one of the drives she says to me "Man, how many times are we going to drive past Costco today?"  Apparently she was tired of seeing it.

Chloe: "Daddy, you want me to teach you how to eat this cookie?"  I don't know how he got by for so long in life without knowing how to eat a cookie.

Chloe had just picked up her clothes and put them in the hamper. I said "thank you, you're such a good girl" Chloe responds "but sometimes I'm not, it's hard to believe"

Chloe loves going to Costco because they offer samples which she calls snacks.  We normally go on the weekend.  We have been there a couple times during the week and they did not have samples out.  So when we went to Costco last Tuesday and I told her before we went into the store that it is Tuesday and they probably don't have snacks out.  I was wrong there were a few samples out.  She told everyone in Costco after that "I'm SO SPECIAL they have snacks on Tuesday, I am so special" 

She makes me laugh everyday, 3 is the best age yet!

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Coin-ectomy

Chloe who never puts any thing in her mouth swallowed a coin yesterday.  I bet that is what most parents  say when there child swallows a foreign object "but she does't put things in her mouth any more".  Well the coin got stuck in her throat and had to be removed.  Of course they didn't feel comfortable taking it out here so they sent us to Seattle Children's, in an ambulance.  7 hours after the attempted coining eating, we were in the Children's emergency room.  Although, I would have loved to be able to come home last night after her procedure I always love the care she gets at Children's.  

There was one ER doctor that REALLY needs lessons on how to talk to an adoptive parent but everyone else was absolutely wonderful!  I think I will call and complain about that one doctor though because as a doctor in a children's hospital she really should know better. I rode the ambulance with Chloe so we got there before Jim.  So the doctor introduced herself and started asking routine questions.  She asked if Chloe was adopted or if my husband was Asian.  I had no problem with that because she was a medical professional and I know that what is known about her medical history will not be the same because we are not her birth parents.  I told her that Chloe was adopted from China more than 2 years ago.  Then she said the Stupidest thing I have ever heard a doctor say, she said "And how is that going for you?"  I was in shock, really?  What kind of question is that?  It was like she was asking about a new car or a move to another city.  All I could say was "Ummmm...Good..."  I mean what did she expect me to say, well it really wasn't worth it, seriously no one would EVER ask a birth mom this question.  So just when I thought she could not be more insensitive she asked "Does she speak English "  Really...she did.  Look up about 6 lines, I had already told her she was home more than 2 years!!!!  Should have asked her how long it took her to learn to speak English?  But instead I said "yes!!" Luckily Jim showed up about then and then we met the GI team that had been waiting for Chloe and we were saved from Dr. Oblivious.

However like I said before I LOVED everyone else there.  They are patient and they talk to Chloe like she is a person.  They explain what is going to happen and they answer her questions and ours.  They had to put her under and use a scope to pull out the coin which turned out to be a 1986 penny not the nickel that the other doctor predicted.  After we get the bill for all these services that 1986 penny will be quite a bit more valuable than 1 cent :). Chloe did wonderfully but by the time she was out of the procedure and recovery it was very late.  Jim found us a hotel and we stayed the night.  

Today she made up for the lack of talking and activity of yesterday.  She was non-stop all day.  We decided to get some breakfast and visit the science center for a couple hours.  After lunch we headed home.  It was a long couple of days but I am so thankful for the qualified people at Seattle Children's that were so Awesome!

As you can see, this morning it was like nothing had ever happened!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Exploring Her Creativity?

As I was downloading pictures for my last post, I noticed a few pictures on my camera that I didn't take and for some reason i don't think Jim did either.  I think Chloe was doing more than watching Little Bill after Daycare the other day.  They made me giggle but I think I might want to make sure the camera is up higher next time.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Little Girl Room

Chloe has been sleeping in her crib with the front rail off, making it a toddler bed for a few months now.  About 1/2 way through the night she wakes up and ends up in our room, we move her crib mattress to the floor by our bed.  This way we still all get sleep, however it means a nightly move of the mattress.  So we decided to bring back the twin bed and take down the crib, the mattress will stay on the floor in our room until she no longer needs it. I am hoping the bed will be cozy enough for her to occasionally sleep through the night but we will see.

This was her last night in the crib.  She fell asleep reading the big book!
 We eventually slid it out from under her but not before snapping a couple priceless shots
 She was quite the helper getting the bed cleaned up.

 "Yeah this will do!"
She tried to get the cat to sleep with her at nap time he did not agree with this idea.

The finished room, I love it but it really looks like a little girl room now.
 I keep telling her to stop growing but I don't think it is stopping her.


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