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A Month of Sunday's

This was an expression that was used often in my house as a child. It took me several years to understand what it meant but I did not truly get it until we experienced this wait first hand. I would gladly have waited a month of Sundays for our Little Miss but instead we are waiting a Chinese year and a half. When we started this process we thought that the wait was going to be about 18 months, boy did they get us. After a 27 month wait we are 399 log in days away from referral. The average number of days that have been referred since we have been logged in is 5.3. The average days that they have referred this year is only 3.7. I don't project out those numbers because quite frankly it is depressing and I have been depressed quite enough lately, thank you very much. I know they can choose to speed up at any time but that has no been the trend in the last 3 years. I know some people will say that these months were large in numbers of LIDs and the speed up is coming but that speculat…

27 months

Well it has been 27 months of waiting. It has been a lot longer than that but that is how long we have been in the line waiting for our daughter from China. It has not been easy and I am not sure when it is going to end but here we are at 27 months. It dawned on be the other day that a pregnancy is 9 months and 3 time 9 is 27, so we have been waiting 3 pregnancies worth. I often wonder if we made the correct decision. There were a few paths that we could have followed and with none of them came any certainty and almost all of them had significant financial risk. So we followed the path that seemed less risky at the time because we do not have unlimited funds and here we are 27 months later still standing in the seemingly never ending line.
We will someday have Little Miss in our family it is just taking a heck of a lot longer than we expected. I believe that I am being taught some sort of extreme patience that few are ever tested with.

So on the anniversary of being 18 months overdue, …

Can you say Sinusitis?

Yeah, neither can I. But that is what is apparently going on in my head for the last couple months. Sinus headaches are nothing new to me but this year they seem to be pretty persistent then I started to get this wheezy thing in my chest so I decided to call the doc. Yep, I am on antibiotics, an inhaler, and nasal spray for a couple of weeks. If the headaches are not gone in a about 10 days she wants to do more tests but you know what that means more money out of my pocket, that is not there in the first place. So I am really hoping that everything clears up in a few days.
So as I feel better and spend less time in bed I hope to be back to the blog more. It is also been tough to blog on an adoption blog when it seems like NO progress is being made in an adoption. I have not been dealing very well with that lately. It could be that when you don't feel well it is tough to maintain a positive attitude. I am hoping this is the low part of the roller coaster and soon we will…

Baby Shower for BB

A few weeks ago my Mother-in-law let me know that her church friends wanted to throw me a baby shower. I was more than honored but I have to admit that I was more than a bit nervous about this shower since I really don't know a lot of these people and we just don't know what is happening with the adoption right now. We really feel stuck in limbo. I did not know how they would take the uncertianty but they were great and they know that adoption is a journey and that this would help me with this wait.
It turned out so nice. We played a few fun games but they we not competitive at all and I love that. I don't usually like baby shower or party games because of the competition so this was so me. We had refreshments and chatted it was really, really lovely.
The pictures did not turn out that well, I do hope that someone else got some good ones they can share but here are some anyway.
I got a lot of great things for BB. He is already so loved, I just wish that we would get word t…

Apple Juice, anyone?

I make this really good pork chop recipe that includes about a cup of apple juice. I was out the other day so I ask Jim to pick up a small bottle of juice at the store. This is what he came home with. 128 fl.oz. of juice.

I think he is saying he wants a lot of pork chops and keep in mind that I make apple juice for a living. Now you may remember the great Cinnamon Smores episode of a couple weeks ago. Apparently this is was a grocery store conspiracy, I wonder what the reason will be for the GIANT container of apple juice.
Do all men shop like this? Just curious.

Happy Independance Day

Have a happy and safe 4th of July! No big plans here but to enjoy our day maybe see a movie and watch some fireworks later.

Wordless Wednesday - Dreaming