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Wonderful Surprise!

We got new pictures of BB tonight. I am beyond thrilled and excited and wish i could share pictures on here but don't want to jeopardize anything until we are officially his parents. I am keeping a private blog that I am going to open up to friends and family soon. That will be the blog that we use for travel as well. I can't believe that I am actually going to say this the last 6 months have melted a little with the thrill of seeing my boy again. We also got to see pictures of BB with his Burundi "sister" I hope they always have a special relationship, a shared history that we will never be able to completely understand. I am so hoping that she is on the fast track to being with her forever family and so excited for her special family.
I am hoping to get more answers to my long list of questions but if I don't you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I think my heart grew a few sizes tonight just think of the mess I am going to be i…

Give Away!!

I have been so honored in this journey to our children to meet some very special people. One of them is Jody, we have yet to meet in person but I am sure we will be able to do that soon. Jody is another April 07 LIDer that has been waiting 29 months for her precious child from China. She is also with the same agency we are using. It is wonderful to have someone that knows exactly what you are dealing with and can offer wonderful support. I honestly do not know how I would handle this without the wonderful people I have meet through blogging about our journey.

Jody also blogs about her journey and has reached her 100th post! To honor this occasion she is giving away one of my apron knot dresses. I have found some new fabric choices and I am honored to make a wonderful dress for one of her lucky readers. I can't wait to see who wins, it could be you if you check out Jody's blog and enter. Good Luck.


We had a blast walking among the biggest balloons I have ever seen this morning. It was amazing. We also got to experience it with Jim's sister and her children. I think you might be able to see the wonder on their faces? Jim was there too and has other pictures on his blog.

Sleeping in the Agenda and Other Stuff Not Necessarily Related

I think I need to add sleeping in my what needs to done every day list. I never thought it really needed to on an actually list but it does not seem to be happening lately. I think I might have too much on my mind lately to actually fall asleep for more than about 1 hour at a time. And working in Zombie or slow motion mode is not working. I have a lot that I need to get done at work too."Whats up with the Adoption?" My favorite question, not. I guess because I don't know how to answer it. I know where it comes from I ask it also but it is hard to deal with uncertainty. We have reason to hope that we will get new pictures in the next couple weeks but I there are of course no guarantees. We are still working on the room. I am expecting a few things to come next week, that I ordered online last weekend. It is very close to being ready for a little boy. I can't wait to reveal more to you.I have some sewing and other projects that I am excited to be working on this w…

Is it Sunday Night Already

Where does the time go? I never seem to get anything done and yet I am always busy. I guess we did take a day off this weekend and head over the mountains to see some airplanes. We had fun, although I do believe Jim had more fun than I did. You can see more pictures on Jim's blog. Oh and I am not quite as miserable as I look in this picture I was just wondering if this one 9our third try) was going to turn out.
We looked for bedding for the twin bed we are putting in BB's room but I did not realize how hard it would be to find twin size kids bedding. So this morning I went ahead and ordered some online. I hope it goes but if it doesn't I have 2 options 1. take it back or 2. just keeping it because I am not really into matching any way. I think the room is just going to be a mis-matched conglomeration of jungly themed items that I love.

I found these at Toys R Us and as it happens I had a gift card so I bought them. Yeah, probably should have used it for something …
Trying out mobile blogging. Our new phones have unlimited texting & internet, cool huh?

Update on the Room

We got a couple more cubicles for the room to use as a night stand. We are going to paint them both green but we only have one done for now. Jim is going to paint some leaves on them so they match the changing table.
We got the twin bed from my parents, it will be a great place to read bed time stories. It will also be good for an extra place to sleep in case there are sleeping issues when we get home, maybe one parent can be rested ;0). I also found the tiger at Costco, I could not resist and Jim was not with me to say no. Sisters are such a bad influence, he he.
As you can also see I am starting to pile and decide what we should take with us. We have a good supply of 12 month sizes I might want some more pants in case it is cool. 18 months is pretty good too again some more pants (remember we were expecting to be traveling in the summer) 24 months is pretty thin so that is one size I will probably be picking up but I really think he is going to be smaller rather than bigger b…

Nine Years Ago

It has 9 years since Jim had his eye surgery. It was one of those days where you remember every detail. It is sure amazing how time passes and I wonder what this day will look like in the future. Jim gives the details on his blog planetruth: It's Been Nine Years! I wish he still had the letter he wrote describing his experience walking to the post office with out being able to look up. It was hilarious but has been lost somewhere in the years.

Hope every one had a good weekend. I will post later about some of the touches we put on BB's room. And no news on the progress in Burundi we will contact our agency this week if we don't hear something.

Getting Prepared

This Sunday we went to North Bend for some Retail Therapy. Gypsy tried to tag along but they just don't let Golden Chowyote's in the stores, bummer she would have enjoyed it. Jim needed some pants for the school year and I need a few unmentionables (well I guess I just mentioned them, :0) They were also having kick ass sales at the children's stores so I hit those as well. We got David and Eli covered for Christmas, sorry sis you will just have to wait for the fun gifts :0). I already have Emma covered. We got a few good deals for both BB and Little Miss. It was a fun day even though it rained most of the day, but hey were east sider's so we soaked up the moisture like cacti.
Here are a few of our treasures.
We ended the adventure by driving up to Snoqualmie Falls. Jim proposed to me 11 1/2 years ago there. It has been a few years since we visited and it was nice.
The rest of the weekend was spent being a bit lazy. It has been great! I so needed a weekend like…


Thank you for all of your words of encouragement, they mean so much. This ride has sure been a roller coaster of lows and highs. I am not the kind of person to be positive all the time, I try my best but sometimes the down times just get to me. I started this blog to honestly journal my journey and sometimes it is not always positive. I got some really sad news about a good friend earlier this week and that, with the fact that we just don't seem to know where the adoptions are going and other things have me in a mood. But the kind words of all my friends sure do make a difference, thank you!
Jim and I are approaching our 10 year wedding anniversary and I know it should be a joyous occasion but I am feeling a little off about it. It is almost like getting a little down before a big birthday. It has been a time of reflection and I had some expectations when we got married and I didn't think that they were too unrealistic but I had no idea the obstacles that would present t…

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