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Almost Before and Not Quite Done Yet.

So this weekend was spend working on the baby's room, well mostly. We also got new phones! We had to order them so they will come in later this week, we are both excited since our phones are about 3 years old and showing their age. Before So most of the time was spent cleaning out the room and shampooing the carpet. It was important to me to get it cleaned first. I also put together the cubicle shelf we got a couple weeks ago. The shelf is actually going to go in the closet because we won't have space for it and the bed. I am fine with that because as it turns out the color was not what I thought it was going to be, oh well. So we are going to get a smaller one to put in the main room as a night stand. It is actually no where near done the curtains are just hanging up with clips for effect and we are going to add a twin bed in there when we get it.
Sorry the pictures did not turn out very good and I should have taken before pics with all the junk in the room but I forgot …

Book Swap

Kim recently sponsored a book swap. I was paired with Lea and she sent me this great book, The Mother Bridge of Love. I love the art work and I love the fact that all proceeds from this book go to help the Mother Bridge of love. Thank you Lea.

Kim would love to sponsor a swap if you have any great ideas let her know!

Wordless Wednesday - 397


28 months

Although, our Burundi adoption is much closer (hopefully) we are still waiting for our daughter from China. A journey we began more that 28 months ago but 28 months ago is when we stepped into the official line.

Out of the Valley

We decided to get out of town on Sunday so we took a drive. We were not sure where we were going so but we knew we wanted to take the dogs and see the mountains and trees. It was nice to get out of the smokey valley and get to some fresh air. So we ended up driving over white pass, stopped at a campground near Mt. Rainer and then we came back over Chinook pass. We stopped at boulder cave and hiked to the cave and back, I am paying the price for that hike in my legs. So I will let the pictures tell the story, we just had a good time.

Crazy Pets

I have not been blogging much lately because I thought I had nothing to blog about but after thinking about my morning I realize that it was blog worthy.

It started about by being woke up to my dog howling in bed. He never howls, barks, but howling is rare. So he woke me up out of a particularly nice dream about firefighters, bummer. I am sure it was because of the sirens in the neighborhood but it was a bit weird.

Then as I was getting ready our cat Sully walked into the house (they use a dog door). He had something stuck to his fur. I picked him up and EWE! it was a fly strip. You know one of the ones that come in a roll and people put in their garages to reduce the population of airborne insects.

Instinct kicked in a I grabbed the paper with my hand and then logic took over, that is really gross I don't want to be touching it. So I washed my hands, 3 times with scalding water. I grabbed a bar towel and I used the towel to pull off the rest of the paper. The towel is going in the g…

A New Week Begins

The weekend is over and here we are starting another week. I have been a bad blogger lately I have just not found much to write about. It looks like I am not the only one, every morning when I look at my blogs I seem disappointed that there are so few new reads, oh well. I think it is the time of year. People are busy outdoors or spending time with family. That is great I hope that everyone is really enjoying their summer.

Jim and I had grand plans for the weekend of getting stuff done around the house. We did not get very much completed. I seemed like we were busy all the time but the projects were a little more than we expected. BB's dresser is almost done it needs a clear coat and then we will move it into the room. I am not that happy with the way it turned out but it is passable and I am not up to sanding it down and starting over.

We have also decided on a shelving storage unit for the room. I am going to get that this week since it is on sale. I am not sure how all this furni…

La De Da

The summer has been slow for blogging not much going on around here. We have been harvesting the tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, zucchinis, and squash that we planted this year. we have been avoiding the heat on hot days and soaking it up on the not so hot days. We went to the Hop Festival last weekend with My Mom, Dad, Emily and Ryan and had fun. I walked a ton! I need to start walking more so I was pretty happy with my self.
On the waiting for BB front. We got a email last week that said they were going to be sending our case to the courts. We of course don't know when but this is a huge step! We were so excited to read the Bishops words that we would soon have our baby boy! Our adoption agency is having their annual picnic this weekend in Seattle and we are still on the fence about going. If it was local I would totally go but we are really trying to save the bucks lately and we know that if we drive all that way we will be spending money. So I think we might stay home an…


So As you might have guessed I am back to sewing!! I posted my latest dress on my sewing/fundraising blog. We really need to put it in high gear and make some serious money for this adoption. We have the funds available but the more we can pay in cash the easier it will be for us once we come home so fundraising has been on my mind a lot lately. If you have any great ideas for us please let me know. If you prefer to email me privately my email is linked in the side bar. One thing I have considered doing is raffling off a patchwork dress. These are time consuming and more expensive to make so I don't offer them for sale. Do you think any one would buy a $10 raffle ticket for one of these dresses?
I am sure I could come up with a couple other prizes too. Let me know your thoughts.

Wordless Wednesday


Back to the Sewing Table

In case you could not tell from my previous posts I have been in a bit of a funk lately. I just have not felt like doing anything but I think I am starting to come out of it. I spent yesterday sewing! I have no orders right now but I wanted to do a few things for me (LM) and some for a friend.
Jim and I have been "working" on the back room for a while. Well, this weekend he got the desk cleaned off and moved to a more central location in the room. I was able to move all my sewing stuff off of the kitchen table and into the room. I have a little TV for entertainment and I also have enough room for my lap top if I want to watch a DVD or Hulu. It is still cluttered but that is us. We do our best but I need to accept we are always going to be a bit cluttered and it is OK. So the rest of the house kinda suffered from this project but it was so nice to have everything where I could get to it.
The only problem is that the room is not air conditioned and it is on the south si…