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Happy Halloween!!

I was going to post yesterday but my lovely husband has very generously decided to share his head cold with me. I told him I did not want it and he could keep it all but he insisted. So last night I spent in bed, in a cold-med induced fog.

We did not accomplish our goal of getting the beds exchanged but I got the room cleaned up a bit and all the bedding washed. It was my Dad’s Birthday on Sunday so my sisters came into town and we had a small get-together. It was fun we have not all been together for a long time. Thanks Mom (if you ever read this) for a great dinner.
I wanted to try a slide show so here is one of the room as it is. I don't know how to get the titles off, I guess that is I will have to figure that out for the next slide show. I have decided to change it, but I am still not sure exactly to what.

On the D scene. Halloween candy is going to be the death of me. According to our scales I lost 7 lbs last week but I think it was more the difference between the doctors sca…

The Room, Dun Dun Duhhhhhh!

The plan for the weekend is to get the full size bed out of Little Miss’s room. We are going to trade it for a twin size bed that my Mom and Dad have. I would like to keep the twin bed in the room with a crib but I am not sure if it will fit with a dresser and other furniture. So I am not sure what we will do with the bed if it does not fit but it is a while before we need or get a crib. In the mean time it will give us more space for all the kid stuff we are collecting.
Since I may be putting both a crib and a twin bed in the room I have decided to make the bedding to match. I don’t know what to do. I really like this (there is no way that I would spend that much on a duvet cover and it does not have matching crib bedding) but it doesn’t go with what I already have in the room. So do I scrap the Disney stuff and start over with a new color scheme or make something that will go with what I have? I made the valance and most of the prints were given to me. I was going to post pics but I…

6 Months and a Diet

Well here it is my 6 Month post and I don’t know what to say. The last six months have flown by but for some reason that does not make it any easier. There seems to be no end in sight and all I want is a tiny light at the end of this dark tunnel. Maybe there is a bend down the way but I have not gotten there yet, that is for sure. Sometimes I think the light isn’t there and I am just getting deeper and deeper in some sort of adoption trap but then I try and focus on the positive and remember that we will be parents someday. I think the only people that can truly understand are the ones that have gone though it or are in the process. So what do I do about this melancholy mood? Stay busy, not think about it so much (yeah right)? Whatever I do the time keeps passing and I guess we are getting closer.
I have started the D-word (diet) again. After my doctors visit I decided to join weight watchers online again. Before I got sick this spring I had lost about 20lbs but I have gained it all ba…

Bazaar's and Barns

Last weekend we went to the local bazaars. It was fun but I did not find much. I got some good ideas for crafts to do. I guess I am feeling down about buying things for Little Miss. I just don’t know what we should buy early and what we should wait for. This long wait is hard that way. I feel weird buying big stuff but yet I don’t want to be in a rush later. Then I feel like if I keep buying small things I will have too much when she gets here. I can’t win. I did get a nice lavender/flax seed aroma therapy heating pad thingy for Carrie for her birthday. It smelled really good I probably should have bought one for myself also.
Saturday evening we went to Jim’s parents to celebrate Carrie and Scott’s Birthday’s. It was a Cowboy theme and we were supposed to dress up. Jim and I don’t have any cowboy or western clothing so we did the best we could. Jim wore his outback hat and a plaid shirt, and I was the city cousin but I don’t think anyone got my costume. We had a barn ra…


I want a better layout for my blog but I am apparently not smart enough to figure it out. Some people have really cool layouts for their blogs but I tried and I lost some things and now I think it looks less cool then before. I am so glad that I am trying this out before we get our referral. I think I would toss the computer at the wall if I were anxious to share our good news with people and I could not figure things out. It is bad enough when I don’t really have much to say and I can’t seem to get it. So I hope, in the years it is going to take us, that I can figure it out. Please bear with me if the blog goes though some changes in the next week or so. Hopefully I can get it with out losing anything, including my sanity. Ok, so I thought adding a image or two to this post would help get my point across so I found a couple I liked and added them about a thousand times. No, I did not try to ad them a thousand times they just down loaded in duplicate a thousand times, Ugggggg! Finall…


And no I am not going to write about the spinach eating cartoon character, our new fish developed popeye. Which is, as it sounds the eyes get cloudy and pop out a bit. At fist we thought that the one just had an injured eye because Jim saw him swim into the urchin. We decided to add some stress coat and wait for it to heal but then the other eye started to develop symptoms, so I looked it up and it was probably a bacterial infection. We were worried about adding something to the tank that would hurt the urchin or the star fish so we found something at the fish store that looked like it might help but by then the fish had stopped eating and was not swimming much. Then I noticed the other fish was starting to get a cloudy eye, so off to the fish store again. This time we got an antibiotic that is supposed to be OK with invertebrates. We added the first dose Sunday and the little one’s eye is already getting better unfortunately it was too late for the bigger one and he died yesterday. S…

Five to Seven Days

I have a post written about our fish issues that I will post later, but now I have something else to complain about. WARNING!!!!! If you are a man please stop reading now……..ok, if you are still reading you were warned. I have not posted lately and part of the reason has been that I have not felt well. It is a girl thing that birth control would probably help but I have not been able to bring myself to start taking that yet. It just seems pointless, but I guess it isn’t if I feel better, anyway, back to my point. I purchased a new box of tampons this weekend. My brand is Tampax. I have used them for many years and although I have tried other brands, I like Tampax. There is nothing terribly special about them, but simple works most of the time. So I purchased a new box and they have changed!! HOW DARE THEM? They are “new and improved, with 3 way leak protection,” which, by the way, doesn’t work! (I will spare you the details.) How many ways are there for leaks to happen an…


Today is our Anniversary. Jim and I have been married for 8 years!! Jim Sent me a pretty plant at work and we are going out to dinner tonight. It will probably be Outback; it just sounds good. Next year we could go to PF Changs since they are building one that is closer than Seattle. It is one of our favorite restaurants that we have missed since moving from California. There was so much more selection in California, it was probably because we lived closer to a big city than we do now. It is amazing how many things that we have done in the last eight years and yet I don’t feel like it has been a long time. Who would have thought 8 years ago that I would be blogging about our little girl somewhere in China? Heck 8 years ago I don’t think blogging existed or if it did I did not know about it. I just hope that by our 10th Anniversary we will have Little Miss home or be on our way to China.

For all those who remember or were there here is a picture of Jim and I, 8 years ago. Oh to be tha…

Fish, Coral and More!

I have posted about our fury pets, so it is time that I post about our slimy ones. We have two small saltwater fish tanks. For our anniversary we decided to brave the rain of Seattle to visit some of the marine fish stores there. The selection here is dismal and when a shipment of marine life comes in it is usually sold out of anything interesting quickly.
We got two anthias for Jim's tank they are bright pink and really neat looking. I tried taking pictures of them but they are really camera shy, I am not kidding. They school and swim out in the open most of the time until I take the camera near the tank and they hide in the rocks. Jim thinks it might be the infrared focusing? We had to remove the hawk fish that we had in there and we are selling him to the local fish store. He was territorial and even though we tried to rearrange the tank it didn’t help and our pink fish were orange with fright. We might have done more to keep him but he has been beating up on our blue damsel an…

We Survived & So Did the Kids

I have not written much lately and I am not sure why. I guess I was trying to keep this blog up beat and fun and I haven't really felt that way lately. Not sure why but I am sure it will pass.
We watched the niece and nephew on Saturday, while their parents bought a van. It was fun. We still want to be parents after spending all day with 2 very active kids. We even survived our first diaper blow out at the park. Well when I say we survived it I mean I survived it, all Jim did was run around with Emma and bring me the diaper bag while I took care of the complete clothes change on the jungle gym. The kids also survived mostly unharmed. Eli did trip over the little car and hit his eye and lip and I thought for a while he was going to have a black eye but it seemed to fade, thank goodness.
Referrals came out again this month. They are trickling in kinda slow since it is a holiday in China this week so I am not positive about the cut off but I am pretty sure it is No…