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Making Cookies!

Our first time baking with Mommy.  Baking with a 2 year old has it's challenges but we had a good time dumping and stirring.  I think she enjoyed it and she definitely like licking the beaters.

Yeah, I think we will be doing this a lot!  The pumpkin cookies turned out so yummy! I am sure they will be a Halloween favorite.

Happy Halloween - Sunday Snapshot

Toddlers are amazing!  Last year I posted a picture of Leah all dressed up and this year I am able to post a picture of the 2 girls together!  They had so much fun dressing up for their Halloween photo shoot.  Jim (aka Daddy, aka uncle Jim) took these so I can't take credit but I was one of the toddler wranglers.

I might be a bit biased but I think they make the cutest trick or treators out there.  

Flying Chloe!

One of the things that Chloe loves is to be tossed in the air and her Daddy gets her flying pretty high.  So when we were up in the hills last weekend I took his camera and got a few shots.  The last one is my favorite.

It was raining Chloe's!

The Gutting of the Pumpkin

Jim carved one but the others were just gutted and will be carved up later this week, pictures to follow. Chloe was not to sure about the slimy pumpkin innards but she did not let that stop her.  She kept saying "ut oh hand"  whenever she got something on her.  She does love her pumpkins she has to say hi to each one of them on the way into the house everyday and goodbye to them every morning.   Stay tuned later today or tomorrow for the flying Chloes.

The Real Pumpkin Patch

Molly and Leah came to visit and so we thought after nap time we would all head out and get the girls some pumpkins. We went to a "Pumpkin Patch" only to find that there was not a pumpkin patch but just some pumpkins on the ground and a they wanted a small fortune just to walk in.  Yes, they had a corn maze and other things but we just wanted a real pumpkin patch.  So we took a couple pictures and moved on. I mean seriously we could have spent more than $50 just to go pick out a pumpkin that someone already picked and put on the grass, I don't think so! We found a place just up the road from our house that had a real Pumpkin Patch, like It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown pumpkin patch, we scored.

We will definitively be back next year.  So if you are in the area check out the pumpkins for sale on Mieras Road, follow the signs off highway 24.

I think everyone came away happy!

Nothing Much

Just spending a day in our PJ's watching Laurie Berkner on YouTube.  We had a rough night of not much sleep, it is the time of year for colds and we all have one.  

We might have over done it a little celebrating this little one's first Birthday.  I find it hard to believe that he was born just one year ago.
Chloe enjoyed playing with her cousins.  It is so great to finally have her at these gatherings although it means we do more chasing and less picture taking.

But today we are just nursing our runny noses and swollen eyes, wearing PJ's and Elmo shirt. I think it is time for a nap.

Just Chillin'


27 Dresses

Well not quite but she tries!   Chloe found the basket of sundresses that I was going to pack up since the weather has decided that it is definitely fall.  I hate how fast kids go through clothes, if they don't grow out of them the season changes.  I still LOVE these dresses, it is not fair!
I sometime wonder what Chloe remembers about China because layering is still VERY important to her.

Today, Jim and I have been married 12 years.  Yesterday we celebrated by going to a movie and dinner while Chloe spent some time with Nana and Papa.  Today we hardly left the house mostly due to my cold. We just relaxed and Chloe basically ran the show as usual.  Things are SO different than they were last year, I would have never imagined life the way it is now!