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Busy Busy Busy

The last few weeks have been very busy.  We were preparing to sell our coloring books and That's My Pan at a local Bazaar.  The Bazaar went well after the first couple hours when we experienced how opinionated some people can be. Although most people were very supportive.  We were able to sell a few things and add to the adoption fund which was wonderful.  The Bazaar was much more our thing than the hop Festival was and although we did not have a overwhelming turn out it was more relaxing and a much better atmosphere.

Earlier in the week, we were able to get some new pictures of Chloe.  I mentioned before that Lisa from The Long road to China was going to be picking up her daughter this week.  Her daughter Reagan was from the same orphanage as Chloe and Lisa was able to visit last week and take pictures for us.  It was an incredible gift.  I can't wait to go pick her up.

We are still waiting for Travel Approval and our change of country with immigration.

To see more photos from…

She is worth the paperwork!!!

Although Monday and Tuesday I was having a mini-melt down.  We insisted on changing our immigration paperwork to Burundi when we renewed our I600 in March because we really thought it was going to happen.  So know that we are back in China we need to change it back to China.  It makes no difference to China now because they did not know about the change to Burundi but everything must be correct and current when we travel.  We thought we would have lots of time to do this but as we got our Letter of Approval so quickly, I feel sort of rushed, but confident that I could do it.
I found out Monday that our home study update was complete and so I thought I would pull everything together that night and as soon as the fed ex man dropped it off I would add the update and send it off  on Tuesday.  After all how hard could it be to fill out a form.   Boy, I should have NEVER thought that, if the US government is great at anything it is making things way more complicated than they should be.  

Happy Anniversary

Today Jim and I have been married 11 years!  This picture was taken a couple of days ago but I can tell you one thing I was just as happy this day as I was to be getting married 11 years ago.  The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind and honestly I find it hard to believe that is has only been 2 weeks.  Our letter of approval came on Thursday and I have yet to post some of the pictures from that day.  This was Mike the Fed Ex man’s first baby delivery :) he was so nice and let me take his picture I was a little shaky, it was s o exciting.  Jim did not have to work until 11 that day so he was able to come to my office and sign the approval!  And in case you are wondering we checked the box that said YES.  I then took it down at lunch to Fed Ex it back to our agency.  I thought that was all the excitement of the week until I woke up this morning and checked my email.  Lisa from The Long Road to China had pictures of Chloe! Her daughter is in the same CWI (children's welfare institute)…

Finally Introducing....

Our Little Miss Chloe Joy!!!!


Sorry, about 20 minutes after I posted this I got a call from our agency!!! Our LOA, letter of acceptance is being Fed Ex-ed to us for delivery tomorrow!!!

This is the letter I thought would take a couple months!!!!!!


Seems Like All We Do is Wait

We are still waiting for that PA (pre-approval).  This week is taking forever. China gets back to work from their holiday on Friday, which is really Thursday afternoon here.  So I am really hoping that we will hear something on Friday.  I know it is killing you not to know her name or see her pretty face but we really have to wait for that PA.

In the mean time we've had ZERO luck getting a hold of our social worker to get a revised home study.  We need to switch countries for immigration purposes.  I know I am being told that we have plenty of time but I also know that there are a lot of families with the immigration paperwork that we have that are being processed really fast.  I really am hoping to be in China before Christmas but I might be getting my hopes too high.  Oh whatever I don't care I want my baby home.

Hope the rest of the week flies by!!