Dolls, Coffee, and the Baby

Sunday, we went shopping and look what found its way into my cart. It is a super cute doll that Little Miss just had to have. I also found a cute white onesie on clearance that was irresistible.

I have got to keep the shopping limit to a minimum otherwise we may need to get a bigger house before long. I am enjoying myself and I am keeping everything in the packages and the tags on just in case we get a referral for a boy. We asked for a girl but stranger things have happened.

We met some friends at Borders this evening had some coffee and a nice visit. It was good to get out of the house for a while. Now Toby is acting like he has been completely abandoned he was sitting in the middle of Jim's book that he is trying to read and I cannot have the laptop on my lap because he will burrow under it. Crazy dog, he is so needy but that is why we love him.


Anonymous said…
hey! When are you going to post again?? I like this blog!
Anonymous said…
Tobster is cool!

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