A Little Pepper

I am finding my self with little to say or blog about.  We are getting peices of information about the adoption but we have to figure out how they work themselves into the big picture.  We don't have any Easter plans so we will probably just stay home and relax.  Jim is going to draw some I think we need to get ready for the next coloring book, this one is going to take some time but I think it will be great. 

We have been watching my parent's dog this week.  Pepper is a giant black dog that is so sweet.  I was able to get a picture of the "cousins" by holding a toy above the camera.  You hear people with kids talk about how hard it is to get a picture with more than one kid looking in the same direction but I am quite sure doing this with 3 dogs is even harder. The vacation ends tomorrow then the slumber parties and pillow dog toy fights end as well.  But we welcome her back any time.

Have a great Easter Weekend everyone.


Jimh. said…
I enjoy having the three of them here!
Grandma L said…
How cute. I love those dogs.
Pictured alone it's hard to tell he's a big dog...but against the other 2...he's HUGE! Have a nice weekend!

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