Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain...

until Sunday and then make it stop.  We are headed to the zoo on Sunday and I really want to go and if Chloe knew what the zoo was she would want to go too.  She has doctors appointments on Monday at Chlidren's.  I am excited about getting her hearing tested, I have days where I am sure she hear's fine and days where I really wonder so it will be nice to know for sure.

Can you believe the cute coat I got on Sale?!  it is the smallest size they had, 12 months but it gives her room to grow.

PS anyone got any good tofu recipes? We had some really good tofu in China and we thought we would try it.


I read that as cute goat and I couldn't figure it out! LOL! Great buy!

I haven't made this, but we plan on doing so soon. Crispy Tofu is one of our favs! http://www.lafujimama.com/2011/04/crispy-tofu-triangles-with-asian-dipping-sauce/
Lorrene said…
What a perfect little jacket for her. That color is beautiful.
Is tofu cheaper than meat? I'll be buying some if it is.
Jimh. said…
I love a rainy night!
Anonymous said…
Is there any color she doesn't look good in? I hope you have a great time at the zoo. Zoo's are only fun when you have a child to help you see it through their eyes. mom
jade said…
If it rains, she'll get to wear her pretty coat AND rubber boots - they have some really cute ones! My son's hearing was tested later than most babies over here: it was really comforting to know that he hears perfectly well, whenever he wants to... !
I'm getting used to the one post per day... will be sad when you get to number 30... Sending you some sun (hope it gets there by Sunday!), Jade (from Belgium)
Anonymous said…
She looks l like she loves to walk now, her rain coat looks so cute on her I hope you have a dry day Sunday. She will love the Zoo,have fun. Good luck with her Doctor visits I'm wishing the best for her and you guys.
lov Aunt Carol
I am taking back my recipe suggestion. We just made it and it's ICKY! Dipping sauce rocks, but ditch the tofu! Go back to your new Chinese restaurant and order Crispy Tofu there!

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