Saturday Morning Grumpies

We are all grumps this morning.  Little Miss got up at 5 this morning and she has been in a crabby mood.  Something just isn't right and the Mommy guess game begins.  I think it might be her teeth again but only Chloe knows and she can not really say. So it was Tylenol and back in bed now for a morning nap and I am waiting for her to fall asleep.  I know she is exhausted I can see it in her eyes but sleeping is so hard sometimes.

Once she is out I am going to go outside and weed the front flower bed, with the baby monitor.  We are going to try and work on cleaning up the yard this weekend.  We have been having some really great spring weather and so we want to be able to enjoy the yard.

Jim is going to put together the Little Tikes climbing toy we got at a yard sale a couple of years ago. Chloe is quite the climber, yesterday at Nana's she learned to climb the sofa by herself.  Then she proceeded to climb the arms of the sofa and attempt to try for the top of the fish tank. She has already mastered the table and the cubbies, she has a new nick name, Little Miss Monkey.  I need to start her in gymnastics but we are really busy this month so maybe May.

Yesterday we went to the Park/school playground and discovered that there is one toddler swing!!  Chloe loves it.  The rest of the toys are a little too big for her yet but it won't be long before she masters the slides and the monkey bars.

 Ok and I am trying out Do They Have Salsa in China?'s Spring Fling.  30 posts in 30 days!  I am starting a little late but better late than never, right?  Check out the other spring fling posts linked on M3's blog.


Kim said…
SOrry to hear that Little Miss Chloe is not feeling sooo well... Hope she wakes up feeling better..
Have a great weekend..
Can't wait to see your 30 posts.. I am doing fairly well..but not joining that .. don't have that much to blog about..LOL..
Love ya..
Wendy said…
Wow! She is already growing so much! She would probably do really well in Little Gym tumbling class. A Mommy & Me class would work great too!

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