Lemony Goodness!

Check out Jim's Blog he won a lemon (or 2) from Alyson, Ford and Alyzabeth.  Any great lemon bar recipes out there?  They smell amazing!

On another note, I think Chloe has had a break through with potty training.  I am a very relaxed potty trainer, it doesn't matter to me if she stays in diapers but we have had a potty chair since she started showing some interest a couple months ago. It is now being used for more than just a stool!  I am so proud of her for figuring it out for herself.


Alyson and Ford said…
There are so many lemon recipes for easy frozen lemon sherbert to lemon salad dressing to lemon cookies.... tons of recipes! Have fun deciding!
The rind is so thick, I usually cut it away (you can freeze some zest too for later) and freeze the lemon whole (if you only use one for now), then when thawing it, is easy to juice. Check out Lisa Cooks (Maisie) blog for her posts on recipes with lemons...... we had sent her one earlier.

Alyzabeth's Mommy
denise said…
That lemon is awesome. I'm curious what you ended up doing with it?

It's good to be relaxed about potty training. I have a friend who is so stressed about potty training that she's already placing her 6-mo-old on the toilet. Sheesh!

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