Has it Really Only Been One Year

Sometimes I look a old pictures and videos of Chloe and I can't believe the changes that have happened in just a year.  Here are a couple of pictures taken last year and similar shots this year.  She is growing up too fast, how do I slow it down so I don't miss a moment!

Last weekend we visited Great Grandma and I have a picture from last year about the same time.           

Ready to start the weekend.  We are going to a BBQ this afternoon with the Perry Cousins, can't wait to hang out with family and let the kids play.  Hope to have lots of pictures to share.


Kim said…
AMAZING ... and I can't believe a year has gone by also..
Love my sweet niece and can't wait to meet her in person one day..
SpunkyBookworm said…
You are doing a great job of not blinking to much and missing a moment! It's amazing to see her grow so much both physically and just watching that smile!

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