The Coin-ectomy

Chloe who never puts any thing in her mouth swallowed a coin yesterday.  I bet that is what most parents  say when there child swallows a foreign object "but she does't put things in her mouth any more".  Well the coin got stuck in her throat and had to be removed.  Of course they didn't feel comfortable taking it out here so they sent us to Seattle Children's, in an ambulance.  7 hours after the attempted coining eating, we were in the Children's emergency room.  Although, I would have loved to be able to come home last night after her procedure I always love the care she gets at Children's.  

There was one ER doctor that REALLY needs lessons on how to talk to an adoptive parent but everyone else was absolutely wonderful!  I think I will call and complain about that one doctor though because as a doctor in a children's hospital she really should know better. I rode the ambulance with Chloe so we got there before Jim.  So the doctor introduced herself and started asking routine questions.  She asked if Chloe was adopted or if my husband was Asian.  I had no problem with that because she was a medical professional and I know that what is known about her medical history will not be the same because we are not her birth parents.  I told her that Chloe was adopted from China more than 2 years ago.  Then she said the Stupidest thing I have ever heard a doctor say, she said "And how is that going for you?"  I was in shock, really?  What kind of question is that?  It was like she was asking about a new car or a move to another city.  All I could say was "Ummmm...Good..."  I mean what did she expect me to say, well it really wasn't worth it, seriously no one would EVER ask a birth mom this question.  So just when I thought she could not be more insensitive she asked "Does she speak English "  Really...she did.  Look up about 6 lines, I had already told her she was home more than 2 years!!!!  Should have asked her how long it took her to learn to speak English?  But instead I said "yes!!" Luckily Jim showed up about then and then we met the GI team that had been waiting for Chloe and we were saved from Dr. Oblivious.

However like I said before I LOVED everyone else there.  They are patient and they talk to Chloe like she is a person.  They explain what is going to happen and they answer her questions and ours.  They had to put her under and use a scope to pull out the coin which turned out to be a 1986 penny not the nickel that the other doctor predicted.  After we get the bill for all these services that 1986 penny will be quite a bit more valuable than 1 cent :). Chloe did wonderfully but by the time she was out of the procedure and recovery it was very late.  Jim found us a hotel and we stayed the night.  

Today she made up for the lack of talking and activity of yesterday.  She was non-stop all day.  We decided to get some breakfast and visit the science center for a couple hours.  After lunch we headed home.  It was a long couple of days but I am so thankful for the qualified people at Seattle Children's that were so Awesome!

As you can see, this morning it was like nothing had ever happened!


Debbie Sauer said…
So glad everything turned out ok! Kids!
Lorrene said…
I swallowed a penny once,it didn't get stuck and found the exit. More than you wanted to know, I'm sure.
I love this computer age, we almost felt like we were there. Thanks and good luck in the future life of Chloe.
Catherine said…
Poor sweetie. Glad everything turned out wonderfully. Sorry that doctor was so rude! Seriously, sometimes it make you wonder doesn't it?! How can they be so smart and yet so inept in other ways?

My lesson this week was even though we've talked often about only Mommy and Miss Ruth Ann cutting Hannah's hair, sometimes temptation gets the best of a girl. Oy!

So glad it all turned out so well with Chloe and that you made the best of it and had fun at the science center too!

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