Little Girl Room

Chloe has been sleeping in her crib with the front rail off, making it a toddler bed for a few months now.  About 1/2 way through the night she wakes up and ends up in our room, we move her crib mattress to the floor by our bed.  This way we still all get sleep, however it means a nightly move of the mattress.  So we decided to bring back the twin bed and take down the crib, the mattress will stay on the floor in our room until she no longer needs it. I am hoping the bed will be cozy enough for her to occasionally sleep through the night but we will see.

This was her last night in the crib.  She fell asleep reading the big book!
 We eventually slid it out from under her but not before snapping a couple priceless shots
 She was quite the helper getting the bed cleaned up.

 "Yeah this will do!"
She tried to get the cat to sleep with her at nap time he did not agree with this idea.

The finished room, I love it but it really looks like a little girl room now.
 I keep telling her to stop growing but I don't think it is stopping her.


Grandma L said…
That is the perfect room for a perfect little girl. Love it!!
What a cute room!! I agree though...I can't believe how much Abi has grown, and it's only been seven months!!
Alyson and Ford said…
Very cute room! We still use the bow clippy ribbons, easy to see the colors.
Yes, they are growing too fast!
Thanks for responding to my blog roll call!

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