Several years ago I stopped cutting my hair, I get small trims and cut my bangs but for the most part I have not had a change is style or a shorter length for quite some time.  I made a pact with my self to let it grow and not get it cut until I got pregnant.  That was when we were still trying fertility treatments and thought that it was only a matter of time. I have had long hair for a very long time and thought if I was able to grow it a few more inches I would be able to donate it to Locks of Love or some other similar organization. Little did I know how long I would let it grow.  When we decided to adopt I kept going and said I would cut it when I became a parent as pregnancy was no longer a likely option.

Lately, I have been getting sick and tired of my hair.  I can do nothing with it except pull it into a ponytail, braid or clip.  It is even getting too much for the clip.  It take all day to dry naturally and it is heavy and is getting in my way.  I never thought I would have to worry about pulling my own hair by sitting on it or getting it caught under my arm.  I actually have to take my hair down when I get a head ache and am beginning to wonder if having my hair  up is not contributing a bit to getting the headache in the first place.  

I am probably going to cut it before the adoption.  But I am having a strangely hard time with it.  I know I am weird it is just hair but it is several years worth of growing hair.  I bought a magazine on hair styles so I can go in with some ideas and Emily has volunteered to hold my hand and go with me.  But I have still not made the appointment.  Here is a picture I took a couple weeks ago to show how long my hair is, what is your advice should I just chop it now or wait?


You know my thoughts... I say you cut it..
I think it will bring good luck.. not only to whoever gets your BEAUTIFUL hair but also to you..
the NEW YOU entering into your NEW life...
love ya..
and FYI.. your hair is WAY LONG...
Have a great day...
Cut it and donate it to Pink Hearts Fund: I did that several months back. Their minimum length is like 6 or 8 you could cut some and then cut more before BB comes home!
Margaret M said…
I love your long hair and I loved my hair when it was long. I cut it short just after Lily Wen came home and have not regretted it. It is my edgy Mommy style...longer in the front, short, choppy and spiked in the hairstylist suggested the cut and it does work. I say CUT IT and feel the Liberation. Can't wait to see what you decide! I am all for I dye it different ways to avoid getting bored!
Grandma L said…
Cut is okay, but never never never dye it another color.
I love your beautiful hair! It is sucha great color and so long. My thought is though that you are going to want to cut it shorter for little one. They tend to pull on it and get tangled in it. If you cut it now you will know how to style it with whatever you need. If you wait it will be harder to learn as litte Aiden will keep you running!!!

; )

Jimh. said…
I say shave it, leaving a thin mowhawk which you should then spike and dye pink. Then you should pierce your eyebrows! Get a tatoo that says "rocker chick." That should about guarantee we will see the people whose opinions matter most concerning the adoption.
denise said…
Your hair IS beautiful...and long. But I'd still cut it if I were you. At least a few inches.

I got mine cut a couple weeks ago and regretted it for about two days. Now I'm really enjoying the shorter style. Besides that, it doesn't take nearly as long to dry.
Amy said…
Cora, your hair is beautiful. I had no idea it was so long!

I say cut it...a new 'do will boost your spirits, the donation Diana suggests would feel great and Jody is're not going to have time to figure out your new styling methods once BB is soon home and soaking up all your Mommy love and time. Go for it!

But PLEASE don't change your color. It is so gorgeous and so YOU!
Christie said…
Snip snip snip! I too love long hair - but cutting mine did help with the headaches I was getting, and gave me a fresh new look and feel. Gave me a great boost!

Have fun!
angie wells said…
cut it! cut it! from someone with very short hair ;)
Anonymous said…
Cora - I was letting mine grow until our adoption...but then it became a sign of depressing things not happening....cut 10" and now I have TWO! Emily our DD adopted through AAO 9/7/2009 and our DS adopted through Madison 1/25/2010...It can happen...Good luck!

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