Finally TA!!

We have been waiting and waiting for this very important document and finally last night at almost 6pm we got word that our TA was here!

Since all the important stuff always happens on a Friday night, we have no idea yet when we will travel.  We are still waiting on a few things.  We are still waiting for our Change of country, I am hoping that it comes very soon.   I sent an email last week and they are looking into it and should get back to us in a few days.  We also sent off for our travel visas last week.

Our agency mentioned that we might be traveling in January and I am not sure why but we are going to push hard for travel in December!  Our friends that are also waiting, did not get travel approval yet :(  Which means we may have to travel alone but I am not counting out us traveling together yet.  I am praying hard that while we wait for our little things we hear that they are paper ready to go too!  I know it is going to happen the way it is supposed to happen but it would be so wonderful to have another family that we have gone through so much with getting their daughter at the same time.  If you are the praying type please say one for Maire's Family to get travel approval next week!

We need a couple little girls home!!  Even though they are in different cities now and will probably always live in different cities these 2 very special little girls already have such a wonderful connection!

This is the picture of Chloe that first stole my heart.

and this is the picture of Maire that sent to Angie just as an encouragement that her daughter was out there somewhere.  I would have never imagined that several months later we would be waiting for our good friends to get travel approval for that same little girl!

Our Hunan Princesses!


Michelle said…
Yay for TA! Sorry, that was lame. I couldn't help myself. :)
Jimh. said…
This is so wonderful! We have much to do!!
Kim said…
I am sooo happy for you guys..
Get her home..
can't wait..
Love ya..
Lorrene said…
Cora, this is the "going through labor" stage. I hope you have a short and painless labor.

Cora is in labor. Yea
SpunkyBookworm said…
Hurray!!! So excited!!! Can't wait!!
Amy said…
Cora, you guys are SO CLOSE to CHLOE!!! EEEEEHHHHH! Get ready for the whirlwind to beat all...and boy, oh boy, is it GOOD! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are officially, ON YOUR WAY!

(((BIG HUGS))),
YAHOO!! I am so jazzed for you guys! Not much longer and you will be there.
As Amy mentioned get ready for a whirlwind of emotions and really like a tornado....

What fun times ahead.
Extra stress relieving HUGS,
Anonymous said…
I have been reading your blog for a while now and praying for you both. Congratulations on Miss Chloe Joy!!!
Cathie Baker
Arlington, TX
Cora...that was beautiful! You know I am so psyched you got TA. And I am BELIEVING ours is coming tomorrow (maybe Tuesday!!) Yea! Have fun packing!!
Kel said…
Thrilled just thrilled!
Nicole said…
Congrats ! Praying for a fast CA and country change!
Beautiful pics!
denise said…
I hope (and pray) that everything will move quickly and you'll be able to travel SOON!

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