Seems Like All We Do is Wait

We are still waiting for that PA (pre-approval).  This week is taking forever. China gets back to work from their holiday on Friday, which is really Thursday afternoon here.  So I am really hoping that we will hear something on Friday.  I know it is killing you not to know her name or see her pretty face but we really have to wait for that PA.

In the mean time we've had ZERO luck getting a hold of our social worker to get a revised home study.  We need to switch countries for immigration purposes.  I know I am being told that we have plenty of time but I also know that there are a lot of families with the immigration paperwork that we have that are being processed really fast.  I really am hoping to be in China before Christmas but I might be getting my hopes too high.  Oh whatever I don't care I want my baby home.

Hope the rest of the week flies by!!


Kel said…
Wishing the week away with you!!!!! Much love xxxx
Just so she's better looking than Jim then all will be good!

( word verification is ariel. Could that be her name???)
Anonymous said…
We hope it gets to going like clock work so you can get over there before Christmas to get your little baby girl. Can't wait to see her picture.
love, Aunt Carol and Uncle Jess
Wendy said…
Hoping that you will hear something soon! Waiting STINKS!!!!
Kelly said…
I'm NOT a patient person, I don't like the waiting either! :)

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