Finally Introducing....

Our Little Miss Chloe Joy!!!!


Michelle said…
Yay! She is stunning and her name is beautiful and I am so very happy for you guys. Huge, huge congratulations.
C and G said…
What a beautiful girl!!! So happy for you!
Lorrene said…
She is precious..I can't wait to see her.
Beautiful!!!! Luv the name. Congrats again!
Congrats! She's absolutely adorable.
Anonymous said…
What a gorgeous little girl. And I love the name.

Anonymous said…
She is so Cute. She looks like a doll,can't wait to see you two with her.What great parents you guys will make.Like her name too!!!
Aunt Carol
groovy mama said…
congrats....what a cutie-pie
Michelle said…
She is precious! Love the name,Chloe is one of my favorites, and Joy is the middle name we have picked out if we end up adopting one of our foster babies!
Kayce said…
Seriously more and more tears here!! She is just beautiful!!! What JOY!! Congratulations momma and daddy!!
Uncle Den and Aunt Karen said…
Adorable!!!!!! We love the name, she looks like a Chloe Joy Huffman.
Kim said…
Oh YEA>.....
Love my little niece Ms. Chloe Joy....
her Auntie Kim can't wait to give her TONS Of kisses..
Love you guys soooo much..
SOOOOOO happy for you ..
A. Gillispie said…
At long last!!!! Ahhh!!!! And look at those cheeks! I'm sure she's not going to be spoiled AT ALL! ;-)
Kel said…
The excitement I felt then seeing the title of this post appear on my blog! Oh my goodness she is beautiful! I mean she really really is! All babies are cute but she is a stunner! I think she will grow up to be a little heartbreaker!

I am soo happy for you guys. You're gonna be a mum Cora!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!! She will be worth every second, every tear I just know it.

Congrats and love the name!! Beautiful.

I'm gonna stop gushing now!
Cindy said…
Oh Cora she is just beautiful! I am so happy for you! So so happy!
Peta-maree said…
Congratulations she is beautiful. I cant wait to see her in your arms forever.


Melissa said…
She's BEAUTIFUL!!! And I love the name. I am so excited for you guys! Can't wait til you get to go get her!
Kelly said…
SO EXCITING!! She's a doll.
I love her name Cora and Jim!!
She is so precious and BEAUTIFUL!
I can't wait to meet her maybe soon once you get home on a trip here?

You must just be so excited and overjoyed! Sharing in your journey will be so wonderful.

Big hugs,
LedaP said…
Wow!! Congrats! We're headed to China in 12 days!! I can't's our timeline if you want to check it out!! Your may be faster if you are an I-600 family, but we were on the I-800 track! Either way, you're on the way to China!! Congrats!!!

7/26/10 - Letter Of Acceptance
7/28/10 - I-800 mailed
8/03/10 - 2nd I-797 Approval Notice
8/13/10 - I-800 Approval
8/19/10 - File cabled to China Consulate
8/20/10 - NVC Letter
9/09/10 - Article 5
9/22/10 - Travel Approval
CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is beautiful:)

I almost jumped out of my chair when I saw her picture because I have seen her before....... my daughter is in Chenzhou and we are leaving a week from today to go to China. I have some pictures from this summer at her orphanage and I am most positive I have some of your daughter. In addition, we got permission to visit the orphanage while we are in China and we are scheduled to go to Chenzhou on Wednesday, October 20th. I will look for your precious baby girl and try to get some more photos if you would like:)

Please email me, lisamuth at hotmail dot com.

Take Care and Best Wishes,

Marla said…
Hi Cora! Your daughter is just too cute, congratulations! I am traveling with Lisa next week and will definitely give your sweetie a big hug. Looking forward to following your journey!

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