Not in The Blogging Mood


I just can't seem to bring myself to blog lately.  This summer has not really turned out the way we thought.  There have been great times don't get me wrong but there has been a lot of unexpected things come up.  I think the first was hand foot and mouth disease, Chloe got sick first and it was the sickest I have ever seen her.  She was down for about a week and then Jim got it, I missed that one.

A couple weeks later Chloe had to stay with a different babysitter because my mom and dad went on vacation and that did not go well.  Chloe hated it there and everyday I noticed something that I didn't like.  So after 3 days we pulled her out and made other arrangements.  Thank goodness for friends and family who stepped in and helped us out!

Next was a few weeks ago, I had the worst bloody nose that I have ever seen.  I woke up with blood running down my throat and by that time it was out of control.  I was a bit scared and maybe a bit panicy at all the blood that would not stop and so Jim ended up calling the paramedics.  They came and it finally stopped after about hour good bleeding.  It took me a week to recover, everything I did felt like running a marathon and spitting up blood for the next 2 weeks.  I went to the doctor and she did tests and I am fine and said sometime nose bleeds just happen.  She put me on antibiotics for a sinus infection and she changed my fm medicine. I just finished my last antibiotic today and I am sick!  I have a sinus something.  So I will be calling her again tomorrow.  I am so tired of illnesses.

Today our Jack Russel Terrier, Toby decided to bite the cat and break his jaw.  So emergency vet time!  He is going to be OK but he had to have surgery to have his jaw wired back together. Toby has not been happy since we came home with Chloe and he is making it hard for the rest of us to be around him.  I don't trust him anymore and I won't have him bite one of us and Chloe does not always know the cues, like growling means back off.  I am not the kind of person that walks away from a pet but he needs a place where he gets the attention that he needs.  I hope we are able to find someone for him it is a really hard decision and I am heart broken but I don't know what else to do.

Sorry for all the whining it has just been a cruddy summer, I want a do over. I know people are dealing with far worse things and I am not trying to say that my problems are bad.  They are really just inconveniences.  And there have been really good times this summer also but I guess I am just feeling a little down today.  Tomorrow starts a new week and perhaps a better season.


SpunkyBookworm said…
Hi Cora! I hope that you come into fall healthy. Let me know if you're having problems finding a good owner. I may know someone. She has daschunds and also has a pet sitting biz. She may also just know someone. What's his age?
Michelle said…
It sucks that your summer has sucked. I'm sorry.

We have dog that is afraid of people and she bites. She bit a child at my sister's house for Christmas. She is also sick(not in pain) and needs medication. I am moving in three days and I still don't know where she is going to stay. She can't come with me because my roommate has a two year old and she bites. My Dad was supposed to take her but now he has changed his mind so I have nowhere for her to go. We may end up having to put her to sleep. I cry every night over it. She is not in pain and she is so sweet with us, it just seems so unfair to put her to sleep simply because my marriage is failing but I do't know what else to do.

Geez that was a really long way to say that I totally get how you are feeling about your dog and I'm so sorry!
Alyson and Ford said…
Hope you and your family are all better! Happy belated Thanksgiving! May you have joy during Christmastime!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

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