Just One Question

Bangs or

No Bangs?

Chloe's bangs are at the point where they need to be cut but I haven't got there yet.  So I have been pulling them back and I kind of like it.  But she is so cute with bangs too!  I just can't decide. I have always had bangs will her hair be able to stay out of her eye's if she can't tuck behind her ears or will I always have to pull it back?  Help. 

We had a great time playing at the park this afternoon, I am so happy it is finally getting warmer and the staying light longer, I am ready for Spring!


GGHadden said…
Oh that's a tough one, I love Chloe's bangs. She is adorable either way. It does become pain to pull them back all the time, I grew Mia's out and even with them long they wont stay behind her ears:( Her hair is waaaaaaaaaaaaay to soft and fine.
Mother's Heart said…
I know right? Same question here. I say bangs at least until 1st or 2nd grade then.....let em grow, if she wants to.
shelley said…
Bangs for a while....pulling her hair back makes her look older.
Michelle said…
She is adorable either way. I tend to lean towards no bangs but that's probably because I can't stand them on myself. I am constantly brushing them off my forehead. But they are super cute on both of you!
Alyson and Ford said…
We went with no bangs and just use a cute bow clippie or pull it back in a tight high pony tail or low soft one, head band works well and I do the "pigtails" occasionally. Either way she's a cutie!

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