5 Months

Hopefully those reading my blog will understand my image but if you don’t, YOU ARE TO YOUNG!! Jim and I have waited for 5 months for Little Miss What’s Her Name to come home. There is no telling how much longer the wait will get but we are still hanging in there. If I were pregnant I would be more than half way though by now, wouldn’t that be nice. I am actually feeling pretty good about the wait lately. I have been keeping busy and that really helps. This blog has certainly been a lot of fun, also. I am sure some months will be harder than others but I am going to try to stay more positive than negative. Although it is fairly easy to have a down day where all I think about is whether I will ever be a mom. I know it is when not if, but it is not completely real to me yet.

Today is also the Mid-Autumn Festival, sometimes called Moon Festival or Lantern Festival. It is one of China’s major holidays. I don’t know that much about it but I plan on learning, as it will be a day we will observe with our children someday. It is traditional to eat moon cakes on this day, no moon cakes here. This year it is cookies for us but we will go out and enjoy the beautiful full moon. I will be wondering if somewhere on the other side of the world Little Miss’s birth parents are looking at the moon and what they are thinking.

The Halo 3 release is the other big news of the day. Halo is a video game for the Xbox. Jim and I started playing it a few years ago when we were in California. We really enjoy playing it together. I don’t normally like shooting games but this one is different it has a story that goes along with it almost like a movie. We got Halo 2 when it came out and finished that in a weekend; it was so much fun but it left off in a cliffhanger. We would be getting this one too, but it is on the Xbox 360. All we have is the original Xbox. We hardly play the Xbox anymore so we can’t justify buying the new format for one game. It sure would be fun though; maybe we can rent one sometime just to see how the story ends.


Happy 5 Months..
We will be 5 months in 3 days..
It is better to stay positive because getting yourself down will only make the wait harder..
Blogs are soo much fun.. and you meet such great people..
Take care
Jimh. said…
I doubt if many will get the movie reference...we are SO old. Love you.

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