Finally Teaching

Jim survived his first day as a substitute teacher!! He taught middle school math, yes, math. He loved it. I am so happy he is finally getting paid for all the work he is done in school. Granted he owes a fortune so he really won't be making money for a few years but it is start.

Other than that nothing new is happening. I am happy that Jim is home this evening. Him working nights has been killing me. Not that I can't be alone but I end up staying up later than normal and I also don't eat right. Jim cooked a wonderful dinner tonight so I feel much better.

I almost forgot an update on Gypsy. She went to the vet and we are trying some antibiotics and some cream to see if the growth goes down. It is a much better option than surgery and less costly, so I hope it works. In the mean time she is in a cone and looks pathetic.


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