Fresh Paint

It is truly amazing, how a new coat of paint and decent colors can change the entire feel of a house. Maybe it is because I have hated that color since we moved in. I don’t think the pictures truly show how pink the house was and how teal the trim was. So after a weekend of hard work it is pretty much done. We need to get the porch lights back up but as we live under a street light it is not a priority. Now if only the inside of the house and the yard looked as good.

Sunday night we joined Jim’s family and friends in welcoming Emma to her new room. With the new little one on the way they found a room in their house that was the perfect size for Emma. It turned out really cute. So it was the perfect excuse to go shopping for cute kid stuff. We thought we would get Emma a pillow or a cute wall hanging and we wanted to get Eli something too since he also has a room to himself at least for a few more months. It was harder than it sounds. Eli was easy; we found this adorable little car pillow, which by the way he loved. I thought Emma would be the easy one to buy for but all the little girl bedroom stuff at Target, right now, is Hello Kitty, and Dora. Although characters are fine sometimes these were too much. She is in a toddler bed so I finally had the inspiration to head over the baby section. That is where we found a cute sheet and blanket that were perfect for her. I think we even managed to get out of Target without buying something for Little Miss, it is amazing.
The party was fun, too. The kids were cute as usual and Jim hyped up Emma more than normal. Eli is really developing a personality, when we saw them a while back he was scared of us. We played Guestures, a charade game, and made complete fools of ourselves but had a great time.
On a more recent note, Jim just got a call to sub tomorrow!! I am so excited for him, this is his first substituting job. Good Luck Jim, you will be fine, just be confident and remember they are just kids.


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The bluest sky's are no longer in Seattle. Beautiful Sky !

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