High Heels and Mud

Anyone that knows me knows I am not a shoe person so maybe I am just missing something but I don’t understand why anyone that is going on survivor would even take high heels on the trip? I watched Survivor last night and I loved it. I love to I sit at home on my sofa or lay in bed (soon we will be enjoying it from our new recliners) and Jim and I discuss what we would do. I would never go on a show like this but I know if I did I would do it better ;0).

I really have to wonder if these people have ever watched the show before. I would say that 99% of the time Jeff Probst takes all of their belongings in the first episode. I understand that they probably don’t know exactly when the game is going to start but they do know they are in another country for a survivor game, right? So why on earth would you ever bring a dress and high heels? If it were me I would layer my clothing from the moment that I stepped on the plane and I would not pack anything but sensible clothing and shoes. Has there ever been an eveningwear competition on the show? NO.
I also know I would make better decisions and try and get along with people. I am bossy so that would probably get me voted off but most of the people on Zhan Hu tribe are lazy. I am also lazy but usually my laziness does not lead to sleeping in the mud. Come on people pull it together if your choice is a little work so you are not sleeping in the mud I don’t even really see a choice here.

I like the other tribe they seem like they will work well together. The blond is a little annoying but she might turn out OK. I hope the gravedigger does well I really like him for some reason ;0). Sorry I don’t know their names yet and I am too lazy to look them up. Also does anyone else find it odd that they gave the losing team fire at tribal council? The last few seasons they did not let the losers have fire until they earned it.

There are other things happening besides TV. I know it is hard to believe but Gypsy had her follow up appointment yesterday and she will have to have surgery to remove the growth. It is going to cost us about $300, Laura you still want her? Just kidding, I would never give her away, plus it is not a sure thing I would end up with the car and after all this blogging I am sure Katie would know where to send the fuzz. So next Friday is the big day. Gypsy is going to be in a cone a while longer. At least she handles the cone better than Toby. She doesn’t try and climb up on your lap or go under the covers with a cone on. I did get her a Halloween costume on line last night. I hope she is out of the cone by then so she can show off her new look.

Nothing much on the schedule this weekend so who knows what will happen, I guess you will have to wait and see.


Lorrene said…
I agree about survivor. I also wouldn't show up without a bra on and if I did I wouldn't announce it to the whole world. Real smart people this time. I think they got rid of the dumbest one first. Anyway that's the way I feel.
Uncle Dennis said…
You want a good deal? For what it will cost you to go to China, I will give you my first born. She comes with a pretty blue bug. A daughter and a cool car in one shot.

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