Labor Day Weekend

Well, it has been a few days since my last post so I think I will start at the beginning of the long weekend. To start things out I got my secret pal gift for September!! I was so excited and I did not expect it so soon. I opened the package and found all kinds of onesies and t-shirts. They are so, so cute. Little Miss’s wardrobe is increasing quickly. It is one thing that I was going to wait on was clothing because we don’t know when we will get a referral or what size she will be. But you know what I figure if I keep the tags on things and if I can’t use them I will either find someone that can or have a big ebay auction. For now seeing the little clothes in the closet makes me happy.

I convinced Jim that the “Daddy’s My Hero” top needed some little pants so we headed out shopping. It helps that he wasn’t in a big hurry to get the house work done that we were planning for the weekend. We ended up at my sister Emily’s because I was frustrated with the local shopping. I got some cute pants for Little Miss and some clothes for myself. I also wanted to go to Bath and Body Works for some lotion. We had a really good day.

Sunday, we got to the house work we put off the day before. We want to get the house painted so that takes some prep work. Jim washed the house and worked outside and I worked inside. We got a lot of work done and we were both exhausted by the end of the day so we treated ourselves to Round Table pizza, it was super yummy. Although we were very tired it was so nice to get things done. We are going to get the house painted next weekend.

Then Monday came and I got online which I should have avoided because despite the positive rumors the CCAA only referred though 11/25/05. I had hoped that they would go into December or at least get through 7 days which is what they have done the last couple of months but no. Only 4 days progress. I am not obsessed or anything but there are now 516 LID between where they are now and us. At less than a week a month it is going to take decades to become parents, well maybe not that long but it seems that way right now.

So yesterday instead of working on the house more I worked on my quilt squares and wishes for the quilt exchange I joined and it reminded me that there are many others that I am sure are feeling the same way right now. So, after that long story I guess if you read this regularly you should expect a post like this once a month unless the CCAA starts referring like mad and there is some kind of speed up.

Oh, one more thing to keep you reading. Jim and I went into Target yesterday and I found a Halloween costume for Toby. (Hey, I can’t dress Little Miss yet so I have to humiliate the dogs.) I am not going to tell you what it is, you will have to wait for the Halloween pictures. I think Gypsy is worried that I will not get her a costume but I am sure I can find something. They did not have her size at Target, so I will have to look some where else. Jim says she is silently pleading with me not to humiliate her, hee hee hee.


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