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I just read the wonderful comment from Grandma L about how I have a knack for writing. Thank you, but I have to admit I cheat a little. I have an awesome editor, I can not spell or punctuate anything correctly to save my life so after I spell check everything it goes straight to Jim to proof read. I rarely post without him going over it first, trust me you would not be able to make sense out of what I write with out him.

I just have to write a bit about Survivor. I am so excited that it starts tomorrow!!! I am a bit of a reality TV junkie. I watched Big Brother faithfully all summer and I have seen every season of Survivor since the beginning. I don’t care for the bachelor or the dating shows but other than that I like it all. Although, I must admit that the final episode of BB8 was not that exciting since it was a father-daughter team in the final 2, I mean come on you know they are going to share the money anyway. I was interested to see how they were going to reveal the America’s Player thing. It always gets me how personal people in these games take things. They all have seen the shows before they know they are about lying and deceiving each other but they are always shocked when it happens. I would not be caught dead on one of these shows I am sure I would make the biggest fool of myself and be out in the first episode but I still love to watch others humiliate themselves. Ok, I am getting a bit off the subject but I don't agree with the Kid Nation show and will not be watching. I am all for adults looking like idiots for the entertainment of the rest of us, but kids should be off limits. I don’t know what these parents were thinking when they signed their kids up but I hope that they had better reasons than fame although I doubt it.

The biggest thing about Survivor this season is that it is in China!!!! One of my favorite shows in one of my favorite countries, it should be awesome. So if you are not a Survivor fan you should tune in anyway just because it is in China but I find it hard to believe there are non-Survivor fans out there. I will keep you up-dated on the progress in case you don’t listen to me and decide not to watch, or you miss an episode. I already have the DVR set, I set it last week as soon as it would let me.

Now comes a warning. I got an email informing me that a dear cousin of mine got a really cute VW Bug in my favorite color. How dare her, I would have forgiven her if it was yellow, red, or green, but no it had to be blue. So Katie, if you read this and you notice that a redhead is stalking your car, you might want to keep an extra tight hold on those keys. Also would you mind measuring the back seat for one of these? I want to make sure my stalking efforts are not wasted.


Anonymous said…
I am sorry if being anonymous is driving you crazy but here's a hint. I am not the only one signing off in such a fashion. There's at least two of us. I suspect your husband is the other.
Lorrene said…
Me again, Last week I also programed the DVR to record Survivor. Since my future Great Granddaughter will be "made in China" I want to learn all I can about the country.
I watched Kid Nation tonight. There is no way in the world I would send a kid there or to a boot camp either. I did enjoy the program though. As long as it isn't my kid.
Jimh. said…
Awsome post CO, I look forward to watching Survivor from our new recliners in the near, but non-specific and anonymous future. When will they come????
Laura said…
I'll help you get Katie's car in exchange for your very sweet puppy (gypsy, not toby)
Lorrene said…
Tell Lauracora that if she wants a sweet puppy I'll give her Minnie.
Katie said…
I'm sorry but my car is staying with me! I am not giving it up for any puppies so Laura can keep dreaming!

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