My New Jewelry

My wonderful, talented, brilliantly beautiful, Niece Emma created this for me and I love it. You know you’re loved when you get home and find a bracelet in the mail, that a 3 ½ year old made and could not wait to give you so she had her mom mail it. I called her the other night to thank her and had a good conversation with both Emma and her Mom. I don’t know if they realize that it could not have come at a better time, I have been feeling down about the wait and work is exhausting lately. Something like this makes me realize why we are waiting, at the end it is the simple things that I long for and as long as we stick to our decisions and trust that we are doing what we know is right then our dreams will come true, someday.
It feels really good to know that there are 2 wonderful, special kids in my life and 2 more on the way. One is going to be here a lot sooner than the other but I hope that someday, not too far away, they will all be playing and laughing together.
I hope you enjoy the picture of me modeling, I took it myself. Writing and posting pictures in this blog is really helping me learn the features of our new camera. I am glad that we got it and will have time to learn to use it well before Little Miss comes home. There are so many features that I am finding useful.
Well, we are painting the house this weekend and I will post about that later so far it looks great we are really impressed with the difference new paint makes. Then tonight we have a bedroom warming party to go to. Get your mind out of the gutter, it is for Emma she is a big girl now and it moving into her own room and wants to show it off. It is a good excuse to get together. We would have tried to have a house painting party but I don’t think anyone would have wanted to come to that party.


What a beautiful Bracelet. You sure got a good picture of it. That must be a fantastic camera. The bracelet is very pretty. It is hard to believe a 3 year old made it. Good for her !!!
Emma's mom said…
In response to Lorrene-- Emma had help stringing the needle and tying off the bracelet but she did all the beading and designing. I had bought the beads and thought she might have fun sorting them but she wanted to make jewelry.I was amazed at her determination to make bracelets for the people she loved.

As for the bedroom warming party we had for her-- She was delighted to have her aunt Cora and uncle Jim in attendance. She was so hyper that night that she slept in the next morning. I attribute that to Jim.

Emma says "Hi aunt Cora and uncle Jim thank you for the party". By the way her new sheets are on her bed and all the other blankets got kicked off in favor of the pretty new one.

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